4 Juicy & Drama Filled Reddit Pages Every Girl Should Follow (2020)

Reddit has never been something I understood. I always heard people talking about it but never took the time to explore the website. To this day, I remain unaware of the full function of Reddit and everything it has to offer. However, when I came across a Twitter account that shared posts from the “Am I The Asshole” Reddit page, I became hooked. I loved the content so much that I used the Twitter account as the subject of a college essay about media platforms. Then my teacher loved it and got addicted too. Since then, my knowledge about the site has slightly broadened as I discover new subreddits that continuously quench my need for juicy drama.

Am I the Asshole

I have nothing to say except that this page is gold. People are asking random outside sources to judge their actions. Look, I would like to say I’m above all that, but I’m not. I’ve never posted my judgments, but I certainly love making them. However, don’t forget to keep yourself updated on the posters’ comments if you do get hooked, sometimes they give away more than the post itself.

Relationship Advice

People come to this page to share wild relationship stories with random Reddit users. Let me tell you, some of these posts are wild. What’s even crazier is that people have broken up with their SO after reading the advice given in comments. Seriously check out the one I posted above because luckily that’s exactly what this woman does.

Just No Mother-in-Law

I’m not married, but I know it comes with its fair share of family drama. This page is for married men and women who are having a hard time with their mothers-in-law. Users can either post a rant or ask for advice on how to handle them. Once again, I’ve seen people leave their spouses after seeing what outside sources have to say about their relationship.


This one can get DARK. When I first found this page, I was shocked by what some people were admitting online. Don’t get me wrong. Some of the confessions are silly and sweet. However, many of these people need to reexamine their lives ASAP. I mean seriously, check out the one above.

Look, I’m not one to engage or have much drama in my own life. Usually, I’m the talk it out and leave it in the past type. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally need a fix of someone else’s. I may never fully understand what Reddit is, but I know these threads always have me coming back for more.

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