First Hermès Beauty Launch: Must-See Details

Are you even a true fashionista if you never wished to have a  Birkin bag by Hermès? Well realistically speaking as a college-going girl, we understand that you won’t be spending that kind of money on a designer bag, but what if we show you something affordable by Hermès? Recently, in order to tap into new markets and expand its target market, this French high fashion luxury goods manufacturer has debuted in a beauty line which is also affordable!

Hermès Beauty features a lip balm, a lip brush, a lip pencil, and lipsticks in 24 shades to choose from! Ever since the brand launched its beauty line on March 4, 2020, they have been receiving an overwhelming amount of orders online so it will be hard to find these items in stock online. But you can instead look for them in the brick and mortar of the company or a department store like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

The lipsticks collection has a super catchy name of “24 shades of red” but in reality, it’s more like a range of reds, pinks, oranges, and nudes. The thing we like about this collection is that the lip shades are evenly split into 12 matte and 12 satin finish shades, so there is a variation for any look you prefer. Hermès has been known for its superior quality leather goods and even when it comes to its beauty line, the brand maintains its quality as these lipsticks have a high pigmentation and have a very soft finish. With the application of just one swipe, you will have an all-day long lasting lip color. $67 might seem like a lot for a lipstick but hey, considering the prices of luxury high fashion brands, the prices of products for this beauty line by Hermès seem pretty reasonable!