Three Best Cities To Visit For Halloween

Halloween is the most exciting time of the year. Many people go pumpkin picking while others like to experience haunted hayrides during this time. However, Halloween vacation is emerging as a new trend for many people. Below we have listed the best three cities you can visit for celebrating your Halloween. 

1- Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is famous for its high-class casinos, clubs, and resorts. With cheap airfare and a bevy of accommodation options, the city has become a popular tourist attraction. There are also direct flights from many important cities to Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport which makes it easier for tourists. Its gambling establishments attract a large number of people which is quite remarkable in this digital age where the online casino is making all the headlines with their attractive features and ease of use. 

Las Vegas is now also becoming increasingly popular for Halloween celebrations. Those who want to have a memorable celebration should choose this city. However, these celebrations are only for adults and not suitable for kids at all. 

Las Vegas has so many places where you can have a very enjoyable time. For getting completely new and different experience, you can try the Town Square. Face your fears as you will find costumed performers as killer clowns and bugs here. 

2- West Hollywood, California 

West Hollywood is known for its high-energy nightlife and it is particularly popular among the LGBTQ community. The city also plays host to one of the most unique and largest Halloween gatherings in North America called the Halloween Carnaval. The gathering takes place on Santa Monica Boulevard every year, with admission free and no tickets required. It began as a way to celebrate the diversity of West Hollywood. 

People come in big numbers and the parties can get a bit rowdy, so leaving your kids at home would be the wisest decision. This is the time when people forget frugality and go all out for their most favorite costumes. The event features six stages of live music while a costume contest also takes place. You will find plenty of celebrities on Santa Monica Boulevard too, with one of them then crowned Queen of the Carnaval. 

Besides the Halloween Carnival, you can find plenty more parties in the bars and clubs of the city. You will get plenty of variety and you are sure to find something that suits your tastes. 

While neighboring Hollywood celebrates this special occasion just as vigorously. The haunted mazes and scare zones will make their best attempts to scare you. 

Employ your car or use public transportation to reach West Hollywood easily as it has connections to cities all over the United States. Additionally, you can easily find plenty of cost-effective hotels and accommodation options too. 

3- Long Beach, California

Long Beach, the 43rd most populous city in the United States, has one of the spookiest attractions- the RMS Queen Mary, which is home to Dark Harbor, the yearly Halloween haunt which runs from late September to the end of October.  

Dark Harbor features mazes full of ghosts and spirits, while it also offers a virtual reality horror experience, circus performance, and other entertainment forms. And if that’s not enough, then there is live music, rides and other attractions for people. On Halloween day, people wear a wide variety of costumes and there is a big gathering. 

You can easily reach Long Beach from Los Angeles via car or public transportation. And while you are having your Halloween celebration, you can also enjoy the beach and the warm weather.