Zoey 101 Reboot Is Happening: DETAILS

Zoey 101 is returning to our screens as the show follows Zoey as an adult with some returning cast members and new faces. Zoey 101 was first aired in 2005 on Nickelodeon and ran until 2008.

So, what should we expect in the new reboot? Check out this new version of the theme song below.

Zoey 101 Returns


Are you ready? The VIP Premiere show will be seen this Sunday, October 25th at various times. There is already some memories creating in the air after watching this little throwback clip.

If you did not see the entire cast in the video, then check out this image below.

Mixing The Old With The New


Now, let’s get real there have been rumors of a reboot of the series for years and the cast did a reunion on the new reboot series of All That in July of 2020.  Jamie Lynn Spears said, ” All That was kind of just to test the waters, and then it was like, ‘OK. It has to happen. This just has to happen’ ” during her interview with Nylon.  After reuniting with her cast in July, the conversation of recreating the series was in action. And being honest we needed this news after the year 2020 has brought us so far.

The release of the theme song is supposed to tie fans over until the official release of the reboot will happen, but we all know we cannot wait for the VIP Premiere. And speaking about the premiere we need to get our tickets as soon as possible.

And to give you some throwback about what Zoey 101 was about, here are somethings of what the show gave us.

Dorm Room Style


This show is the reason why expectations of having a dorm room for college was very high. But the reality is that dorm rooms are not this spacious and doesn’t come with mini-fridges.

Opposites Attract


When these two got together, it really shocked the entire fans of Zoey 101. And they kept it secret for a while too. Hopefully these can be together again in the reboot.

Cheerleading For Charity


Throwback to when Zoey, Nicole, and Lola had to cheer for charity and when Logan went way over his head with this plot adventure.

Stand Up To A Jerk


Would you take advice from Chase and Michael about handling a bully at school? And can we acknowledge how adorable Dustin was back in the early 2000s?

Fool Me Once, But I’ll Fool You Twice


When Zoey almost went ballistic about Logan leaving a vicious voicemail on Dustin’s flip phone. Logan should’ve known that messing Zoey’s brother is not the way to go.

Zoey 101 has brought so many fans joy with this announcement and with the new cast members, it should be a family comedy for everyone. The production was slowed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This Sunday cannot come fast enough and we all want to see what modern-day problems the new cast will face. Definitely saving my Zoey 101 snacks and drinks to feel a part of the cast.

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