10 Must-Have Items For A Stylish & Warm Winter (2020/2021)

Winter is the time of the year when looking stylish and warm at the same time becomes hard to pull off. But, don’t give up hope yet because there are ways to make it happen anyway. From sweaters, boots, and jackets to the little accessories that keep us extra worm, winter is a time you can layer multiple items and create a new look every day again and again. So, let’s see which are the top items that can make this winter (2020/2021) one of your favorite seasons to come.

1. Knitted Jumper

Knitted Jumpers


A separate item that can be styled in many many ways. From jeans and skirts to on top of dresses, a knit jumper always comes in handy. And for the preppy look, feel free to wear it on top of a buttondown shirt and pair with a cute skirt or pants. Knitted jumpers will save you this winter and any other colder season to come. Because they are versatile it is a good idea to invest in a higher quality jumper like those made from cashmere or wool. While purchasing a knitted jumper, keep in mind that this might be one of the items you will be wearing the most through winter. So, choose wisely.

2. Statement Coats

Coloured Coats


The winter coat is one of the items you cannot go without in winter. But, in case you got a bit bored with a plain old black or a nude one, there are so many more colors to choose from. So, choose a red, blue, or purple one, because a colored coat will have you look put together and help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jackets


Less elegant than the winter coat but, slightly more practical and worm, the puffer jacket is something you should definitely own and wear this winter. Plus, if you are going for a less formal and a more practical everyday look then get a puffer. This item will help you to pull off that effortless sporty look, keep you warm, and feel comfortable, all at the same time.

4. Knitted Turtleneck

Knitted Turtleneck


No matter what your personal style is a turtleneck will complement your look. This item will cover you up and protect from the cold while being a great addition to your wardrobe. Just as the knit jumper, the knit turtleneck as well, is a very versatile item and can be worn in numerous ways. And if you want to look extra sophisticated and elegant this item is something you definitely need to own.

5. Knitted Dress

Knitted Dress


A knitted dress is probably one of the most feminine items you can wear through winter. Not only is it going to cower you up and protect from the cold but it will have you look very feminine too. Also, this item can be a base for other layering pieces. Wear it with boots for extra warmth and a coat and you are good to go. But, you can also wear it inside on its own, or pair it with a leather jacket, cardigan, or even a blazer on top.

6. Big Cosy Scarf

Cozy Scarf


There is no winter without a winter scarf. For some extra warmth and protection, a cozy big scarf is the best choice.  But, this item can also give your look some extra flavor and balance it out. If you wish to incorporate a bit of color or tone your outfit down, the big winter scarf is the perfect item to do that with.

7. A Beret Hat

Beret Hat


Who does not love a beret? A classic item, so elegant and simple and sweet at the same time. You can go for all kinds of colors and give your look a completely different vibe by just wearing a beret in a different color. Bring your inner Parisien out and choose a beret that complements your style.

8. Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots


Boots are probably the best part of winter. If you want a pair that you can easily put on and take off, then ankle boots are the right choice for you. For a casual vibe and comfort choose ankle boots with a small heel. But, if you are aiming at a more seductive and feminine vibe then those with a higher heel are a must.

9. Knee-High Boots

Knee High Boots


Knee-High and Ower-The-Knee Boots are a favorite of many girls. Why is that so? Well, a pair of high boots will not only keep you warm but you can also style them with so many items, from jeans and tights to skirts and dresses. You can choose a pair with a high heel or flat ones, depending on your personal style and needs. However you choose, high boots are an item that looks fabulous and keeps a girl warm.

10. Gloves

Leather Gloves


In cold winter times, a pair of gloves will keep your hands from freezing. Plus, just as a scarf and a hat it is an amazing accessory that gives something extra to your overall look. In addition to the forever beloved classic of black leather gloves, you can also choose a pair of red or brown gloves, which will give your outfit just a little something extra.

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