Kim Kardashian’s 40th Birthday Celebration

Kim Kardashian‘s birthday was Wednesday, October 21st when she turned 40-years-old. Kim Kardashian received a lot of love from friends and family that even included a special surprise.

Wishing the Kardashian a very special day started by her husband, Kanye West and other celebrities posted videos and pictures on social media.

The Loving Husband

Kanye West posted a throwback picture of them together in 2013 to show how my love he has for her.

Best Friends Forever

Long time best friend, Paris Hilton, gave the birthday gal a video to celebrate. As Paris would say, ‘That’s Hot”.

Emotional Shoutouts From Family

Even Keeping Up With The Kardashians family gave her a heartfelt video filled with love and smiles.

But this is not all that would happen for the just now turned 40-year-old. The KUWTK members also sat down and showed Kim’s famous clips from the show. Some of these moments were embarrassing to Kim but funny to us. Here are these memorable moments below.


Kim had all these plans to party hard for her birthday, but thanks to the coronavirus, her day was just a normal day. Well, at least her version of a normal day.

During the special episode of KUWTK, Khloé Kardashian said that she is glad her sister isn’t planning a party for her day because the family has “something up our magical sleeves”.

Now, what was the family planning? Well, they are the Kardashians, if anything Kim will definitely have a memorable 40th birthday bash- even if she didn’t be the boss and planned it.

The family planned a surprised birthday bash that included all previous iconic birthday parties from her childhood to adult years. But that’s not all, the birthday bash included family videos of her late father, Robert Kardashian hosting these memorable extravagant birthdays.

And poor Kim just thought she was going to a photo shoot on her special day and got annoyed when her husband would not help with the kids. But seriously Kim, from all the love you received on social media, you didn’t actually think your family was not going to celebrate your milestone. Right?

No worries, let’s look at Kim’s reaction when she arrived at the party.

The Surprising Reveal

Just the expression on Kim’s face clearly states she was not expecting an all throwback party with close family and friends. And let’s not forget the iconic choreography that was performed on Kim’s 10th birthday celebration that was recreated by her sisters on her 40th. Kim, some people envy the parties you had as a child. And did anyone else notice Kanye West smiling when he was Djing at the party?

That party is what everyone is talking about, even for the people who weren’t invited or involved. So, Kim did your milestone birthday turned out to be one of the best birthdays of your life?

Let’s continue the celebration all week long and fans across the world cannot wait for what you will do next.

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