Highlights from the Third & Final Presidential Debate

Last night our presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, engaged in their third and final debate before the election ends, November 3rd. Different from the first debate, our moderator Kristen Welker, had the power to turn candidates’ microphones off when they went over their time or started interrupting. This necessary tool came in handy to keep both Biden and Trump in check. This debate may have been the first time viewers heard substance instead of utter chaos from the two candidates. Because of this, I want to point out a few highlights from last night’s debate that should have caught your attention. 


Let’s begin by pointing out that, yes, Trump talked less in this debate; however, he lied more. Fact-checkers struggled to keep up with the number of lies Trump spewed while on stage. One of these lies includes that COVID-19 will disappear over winter, and everything is under control. He then proceeded to state that America needs to open back up completely. Americans struggled to digest his answer, as many Americans are feeling the effects of our numbers rising again. Medical professionals have stated that with our COVID-19 numbers surging and flu season around the corner, we will come under heavy fire this winter. 


Trump has been attacking Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act for years now, trying to terminate them both without another plan in place. If this were to happen, Americans everywhere would have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical care. He states that he has a new plan in place and that he will release it to the public. However, he has been saying this for four years, and we have yet to see this plan. Plain and simple, he doesn’t have one. This act would be dangerous, especially in the middle of a pandemic. 

Climate Change was another category on last night’s docket. It seems neither of our candidates has a solid plan for how they want to handle the world’s rising temperatures. Biden can’t make up his mind about fracking. Trump just went on about windmills killing all the birds, knowing the most about wind, and AOC’s “squad” wanting buildings to have smaller windows. Everyone was a little lost during the time spent on this topic, but both candidates made it abundantly clear they have no idea what they’re going to do if anything at all. 


Trump once again claimed he has done more for the Black community than any other president, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln. We have heard him say this before. However, viewers were shocked when he followed up by saying he is the least racist person in the debate room. Viewers were astounded that Trump would say this, with Welker, a Black woman, right in front of him. Not to mention, Trump’s track record proves otherwise.


One of the final topics was Trump’s handling of illegal immigrants. Lawyers recently revealed that the parents of 545 migrant children, who were separated by ICE at the border, can not be found. Since hearing about what happens in the cages, such as nonconsensual vasectomies, people fear the worst. However, Trump was quick to point out that the Obama Administration built the holding cells first. Unfortunately, this is a topic in which the American people have to pick between the lesser of two evils. Both candidates had a hand in the gross treatment of illegal immigrants trying to make a better life for themself and their families. 

Overall, polls have shown that Biden won the debate. However, that doesn’t mean he will win the election. Make sure that before November 3rd, you vote. This election is critical, and your voice matters. 

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