Develop A Skincare Routine According To Your Skin Type

With millions of skincare products and brands, developing an effective skincare regiment is definitely something that many people have trouble with. Finding the right products and knowing how and when to use them is quite the task, but you need to start somewhere. First things first, you need to know which skin type you have. Because, when you know which skin type and concerns you have it is easier to find the right products and develop a routine that suits your skin the best. As not everyone has the same skin type there is no universal skincare routine either. But, you can find out which skin type you have and how to develop an effective skincare routine according to it.

How To Find Which Skin Type Is Your Skin?

Skin type refers to the level of hydration of your skin. So, it can be either dry, oily, mixed, or normal. If the skin on your face appears shiny looking like you are sweating, then you have oily skin. If your facial skin feels tight and you see some flakiness, that means you have dry skin. But, if you see that your facial skin is on some parts tight and dry while being shiny on other parts, it means that you have a combination skin type. But, if your skin appears neither tight nor shiny it means that you have a normal skin type. Also, another way to determine your skin type is by observing the size of your pores. If you have big pores that means that your skin is more oily but, if you have smaller pores it means that your skin is more on the dry end. If you still don’t know which skin type is yours, make sure to watch the video above and scroll down to check out the skincare routine tailored to your skin type.

Skincare For Different Skin Types

1. Skincare For Normal Skin

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a normal skin type then taking care of your skin does not require anything too special. But, before you do your skincare routine make sure to take off your makeup. After that, use a cleanser for double cleansing, and once cleaned it is time to give your skin some hydration. Build the hydrating products up from lighter ones to heavier ones.

2. Skincare For Dry Skin

Like in any other skincare routine make sure to remove your makeup with a cleanser. Then you can apply a plumping essence to your face and make sure it is alcohol-free because you don’t want to dry out your skin more than it already is. After that, you can go on with your skincare and apply a serum to your face. After these light-textured products feel free to apply a more creamy textured product like a face mask followed by oil for some extra glow.

3. Skincare For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin you need to make sure that your skin is hydrated and well balanced. Cleanse your face from makeup with an oily cleanser. Then cleanse once more with another one. Make sure you use products that won’t strip your skin from its natural oils because your skin might produce even more oil. So, keep your skin nourished while cleansing. Then use a toner for oily skin followed by a serum and then a moisturizer and eye cream.

4. Skincare For Combination Skin

Combination skin is a mix of oily and dry skin. So, once again like in any other skincare routine start with cleansing your skin. After you clean apply a toner. Then use a serum that will help you control the oiliness of your skin. As you have combination skin it is good to use another serum that focuses on providing you with extra hydration. After the serums, you can apply a moisturizing mask and let it nourish your skin through the night.