5 Easy Sites that Help Young Graduates Find Jobs (2020)

The job market is extremely competitive right now as businesses attempt to gain some of the footing lost during the COVID-19 lockdown. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and are competing against a large pool of applicants. The definition of “entry-level” has shifted entirely. Jobs that once required six months to a year of experience are asking for three to five years of previous exposure to certain types of work. Companies are aware of people’s desperation to get back to work and are actively taking advantage of overqualified applicants in need. This act has a ripple effect as recent college graduates are now left questioning just how low on the totem pole they have to start if they can’t even meet entry-level qualifications anymore. Every day I search high and low on the internet for new job opportunities. I’ve had good days and bad days with the search, but I have found some websites more helpful than others.



I love Indeed. It’s my goto job search website. Indeed has helped me spiff up my resume and are consistently commending new jobs based on my searches. They also have a wide variety of entry-level positions that are closer to what we saw jobs asking for pre-COVID. I go through Indeed at least twice a day, as they are always updating their job opportunities. Once you have applied, they will also remind you to reach out to the company with a follow-up email.



Glassdoor is very similar to Indeed. They recommend new jobs in your field and help you filter through jobs that match your experience level. They don’t help you with your resume the way Indeed does, but they do make the application process easier for newbies.



ZipRecruiter is pretty much the same as Glassdoor. They don’t offer all the same accommodations that Indeed does, but they do a wonderful job finding jobs that fit you.

Job Boards


If you have your eye on a specific company, don’t be afraid to visit their job board. Not every company posts to public sites. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t hiring. Keep your eye on a company’s job board; you may be surprised at what comes up.



Linkedin is a great way to find jobs. Many applications will even ask or require you to share your Linkedin profile with them. If you do score an interview, the site is also a great way to do your research. Going through a company’s Linked In will provide sufficient information to make you interview ready.

The search for an entry-level job is hard. Companies are requiring more from applicants who have no way of affordably meeting qualifications. That is why I highly recommend these sights. They make the search a little easier and slightly less frustrating during this trying time.

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