These 3 Tips Will Help You Organize And Decorate Your Small Apartment Or Dorm

Organizing and decorating a small space is extremely difficult. Finding a way to have all the things you need but keep yourself feel uncluttered and have room for movement. When living within these small environments you must not sacrifice any necessary items because you are always going to be living there, so don’t replace something practical with something pleasing to the eye.

Give Everything A Place

A picture of a closet.


By assigning a place for everything you will always know where everything is and it will eliminate things you do not need. If you work from home or school from home make a work corner, then a relaxing space, eating space and your kitchen space. This will help divide your space making you feel like you have a ton of different rooms and when you are within these spaces you have everything you need.

Add A Mirror

A bathroom with a mirror hanging up.


This is the biggest decoration tip when it comes to trying to make space feel bigger. The reflection of the room will help open up space, reflect light and it is a practical buy because everyone needs a mirror.


An organized shelf.


Storage is such a necessary thing to keep all items you need but not have clutter. Clutter can easily make a massive space feel small which will make your small space feel even smaller. If you enjoy working out and have some equipment grab a cute bin from a thrift store and place all your workout gear in that bin. This will clean up the space and allow you to throw everything back into the bin once your done. Another storage space that is necessary is a place to hang things you have once you get in the door. People forget to add a place to hang a coat and purse but when you walk through the door give it a designated area so you don’t clutter your entranceway. A small dish for keys is a cute decoration and very practical.

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