Tom Holland Reveals Being Nathan Drake In Uncharted

The film Uncharted is based on the video games that were created by Naughty Dog. According to sources at The Verge, the film has been developing for over a decade. Currently, the film went through seven directors, five release dates, and multiple scripts and actors. So, why is this wannabe film important? Well because Tom Holland is starring at playing the younger version of the series hero, Nathan Drake. While we may not have much to go on, here are some photos that are behind the scenes indicating that production is finally moving along.

Cargo All Day

Look at Holland, standing tall in cargo just like he took over the world. But maybe probably this is just another post by Holland who was not supposed to leak anything about his projects. But there is more proof that this film is becoming a reality.  And of course, Holland addressed he could not get fired by posting the first behind the scene looks.

Nolan North Makes The Rules

And to clarify, Holland did a good job of keeping this a secret, or Sony is used to Holland’s loose lips. Either Sony is definitely any marketing allowing this film to be the real deal.

Mirror Vision

Nolan North posted on Twitter to confirm that the film is happening at that he was proud to portray and continue the Drake legacy. And to confirm it more, the film has its own Twitter. North is the main voice actor, Drake, in the video game series.

Now, let’s discuss the age difference between Drake is in his mid-thirties and Holland is 24-years-old. That’s why the film adaptation is a pre-origin story to the video game series, according to sources at Forbes.

Since this is a clear indication that this film is happening we also have actor, Mark Wahlberg who is playing a younger version of Sully and is directed by Ruben Fleischer. And the Uncharted crew has released a date that is set to by July 16, 2021, according to their Twitter page. Let’s not forget that Fleischer definitely helped moved this production out of its decade slump. Even though the coronavirus has slowed down production, at least under his direction there is progress continuously being made.

For those of you that are now into this particular video game series because of Tom Holland’s involvement with the film, then let me show you how to know more about the game. First, the entire series, which is five games total is available on PS4. That way the reference of Sir Drake Francis does not surprise you in the film. If you don’t know of anyone that owns a PS4, there is an Uncharted fanbase that released their version of a trailer on Youtube. Check it out below.

City of Gold

As you can see in the clip above, these fans used clips of other films Holland has been involved with. But I do not blame them for being excited about a project that has been long overdue. Whether you’re a gamer gal or not, you have to admit having Tom Holland play a video game character has its perks.

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