Ziwe Fumudoh, Sarah Cooper, & Amber Rush Will End 2020 with Their Own Shows

Everything came to an abrupt halt in March of this year. Businesses and corporations all across the country shut down as we attempted to stop the spreading of COVID. Television and film studios paused all productions, taking away most new sources of entertainment. Americans everywhere struggled, trying to find ways to fill their newfound time while the world was at a stalemate. However, three women, in particular, outshined everyone else in their battle with boredom while simultaneously keeping us entertained. Ziwe Fumudoh, Sarah Cooper, and Amber Ruffin put in the work, and as a result, have each announced their specials that will be airing on television. 


Ziwe Fumudoh is a comedian and comic writer, well known for her commentary and discussions about politics and race. During quarantine, Ziwe created the Instagram series, Baited, which is very similar to her previous YouTube show, Baited with Ziwe. Throughout the show, Ziwe asks her usually white guests questions about race. Some of the answers she receives are tactful, and others are borderline tone-deaf and problematic at best. She has had many noteworthy guests since starting the Instagram show, such as Alyssa Milano, who had nothing short of a cringy episode with her answers. In a few short months, Ziwe gained a large number of followers with her show. She had viewers all across the country tuning in every Thursday to watch her baited interviews. Her hard work during quarantine paid off, as Showtime recently announced they are giving Ziwe a variety series of her own. Ziwe will be taking Baited to the big screen, and we are here for it. She will be the most iconic host. 

Sarah Cooper is an author and comedian, who published her most recent book in 2018, “How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings.” It is hilarious. During the lockdown, Cooper did what many of us were doing, mocking Donald Trump. Cooper took to Twitter and Instagram, posting hilarious videos of her Lip-Syncing Trump’s interviews and speeches while using props around her house to emphasize the stupidity of his words. She went all out with her flawless impressions and turned the heads of many. It seems her hard work paid off as she has earned herself the Netflix special, Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine. If you haven’t seen any of her lip-syncing performances, I suggest you check them out. Cooper is extremely talented, and her show will be hysterical.

 Amber Ruffin is a comedian, writer, and actress. Her career catapulted when she started writing for the well-known show Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2014. Ruffin, a little different from Cooper and Ziwe, announced it was her time to shine in September of 2019, with the start of her new NBC program, The Amber Ruffin Show. However, like everyone else, she had to put her project on hold during the lockdown. In August, Hollywood industries announced they were allowed to resume projects, as long as they were doing so safely. On September 25th, Ruffin’s hard work and patience finally paid off when her new show aired on NBC’s Peacock. The show has gained the attention of many since her first episode. Ruffin has tackled politics and racism in ways it hasn’t been done before. Her commentary about the importance of pronouncing Black names correctly after Georgia Republican Senator, David Perdue, purposefully mispronounced Kamala Harris’ name, flooded the internet. She talks about subjects that many hosts before her have deemed too uncomfortable. She has more than earned her success and deserves praise for the work she and her crew quietly put into the show during the lockdown.

Ziwe Fumudoh, Sarah Cooper, and Amber Ruffin made 2020 their year, despite everything happening. These three funny and smart women deserve nothing but praise and your attention. Their content is comedic and extremely informative in ways we have never seen before. If you haven’t heard of them, I highly suggest checking them out. You will love what you find.

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