Madewell Drops Its First Athleisure Collection

Madewell a clothing brand – which is known for selling its top-quality denim has now dropped its new quarantine-friendly athleisure wear collection named “Make Weekends Longer” in response to the result of a survey it took early in the year.

During the beginning of this year as many of us switched to sweatpants instead of denim, the company was motivated to take a survey from its customers asking their preferences about what are they wearing during the #StayAtHome season? Not surprisingly, “81% of customers had evolved their style since March at the start of the pandemic, incorporating more casual and comfortable clothing, such as sweatpants and leggings,” the brand revealed in its press conference.

Madewell’s “Make Weekends Longer” athleisure collection features 25 unique cuts and styles which include t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and more! The color palette is also very interesting as it has soft colors like lavender, orange, and mauve with a few neutrals like beige and black which can go with anything. The full collection is now available for sale at and set for prices within $100.

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