Top 5 Budget-Friendly Beauty Products: Fall 2020

As the warm weather comes to a close, it’s a great time to refine your beauty routine to prepare and protect your skin from the cold. Here are five (budget-sensitive) fan favorites for the fall/winter months.

Drunk Elephant Nice To Meet You Cleansing Balm and Mousierizing Duo- These products are available at Sephora or through the Drunk Elephant website. Retailing at only $22, this is a great deal for teenagers or college students! This product is described on Sephora’s website as suitable for all skin types including normal, oily, dry, and combination skin. The cleansing balm is meant to take off makeup or just to cleanse your face at the end of the day. The moisturizer is intended to restore your natural skin barrier along with restoring the natural oils in your face. Some other features of these two products are, they’re vegan, free of essential oils, they help maintain natural pH levels, they are cruelty-free, they support your natural skin acid mantle, they help to smooth out textured bumpy skin. While this product duo is only sample sizes, they are great products to pick up if you are new to skincare or just want to try out some of the brand’s products.

Smashbox Mini Photo Finish the Original Smooth and Blur Primer- You can find this product at Ulta where it is only $14. This is a lightweight primer that is suitable for all skin types and is very well-liked in the beauty community. While being cruelty-free and vegan, this product also is known to fill in fine lines and pores, make your foundation blend flawlessly, and allow your makeup to go on smoother.

Wet n Wild Coffee Cat Lip Gloss-Retailing at $2.99 at Ulta, this beauty steal is a great product to add to your collection. Coming in three shades, these are the perfect warm-toned glosses for the fall and winter season. These perfect warm shades are called, ‘No Foam-o’, ‘Deja Brew’, and ‘La Vida Mocha’. Some of the great qualities that this product has is being cruelty-free and vegan! The gloss contains luxurious ingredients like sunflower seed oil, Baobab oil, and pearl pigment to increase the shine of your lips. With over 24 5 Star reviews praising the creamy non-sticky texture of the gloss, this is sure a great product to pick up for the colder months. With a four and a half star rating on Ulta’s website, this gloss is a fan favorite all around.

Remington H5600H Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter-While hair rollers have been around for decades, this product puts a new modern twist on an older hairstyle. In recent months, we’ve been seeing the growth of popularity of hair curlers because of their convenience and the volume that it gives your hair. On popular social media platforms such as Pinterest and TikTok, people have been praising this age-old technique. This product is available on Amazon for only $20.99. It comes with a two-year limited warranty, three different roller sizes, 20 rollers, j-shaped clips to minimize creasing, and to give your hair a better hold, ceramic Technology for less frizz, a wax core to extend the life of your curl. The size of the rollers includes ¾ inch, 1 inch, and 1 ¼ inch. These rollers have also been praised for being perfect for people with fine hair that find it hard to get voluminous hair. With hundreds of reviews, I can see why this product is making such a rapid comeback.

Sephora Collection Charcoal Brush Cleaner Stick-This product retails for $8 online or in-store. Its main purpose is to be applied directly or onto a silicone mat to clean your makeup brushes. This cleaner is infused with charcoal to kill bacteria, is cruelty-free, contains sodium hydroxide to extract and breakdown the old makeup, is very easy to apply, can be applied directly or indirectly to brushes, and is very user-friendly.

With the growth of social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, we’ve seen so many new and innovative products come to light this year.


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