3 Things To Incorporate Into Your Shower Routine To Ensure You Look And Feel Your Best

Taking a shower is something we all go through the motions of and never give much thought to it. We pick our go-to shampoos and conditioners, favorite face wash but we don’t tend to think beyond the simple steps. A shower routine goes beyond your time under the water and includes the steps you take immediately after and before the shower.

The Face Mask Routine

Being consistent with face masks is such a big thing because it helps continue to balance your skin. Face mask routines can be made to what your face needs but a food regime, to begin with, is two masks a week. Use one pore extracting mask to give yourself a weekly deep clean, remove all the dirt and excess oil, and then another day use a rejuvenating one to help soften fine lines and keep your face smooth.

Exfoliating Is Necessary

This is something people completely skip over but you must exfoliate. It is so necessary to remove dead skin cells for optimal smooth surface area. Make sure you work with a natural exfoliant such as sugar or coffee. There are many that include plastic beads which are hazardous to the environment. If you can’t afford the pricey upcharge on these natural remedies then make your own. Grab some sugar and olive oil, mix equal parts, and use.


So many tend to get lazy and skip this process but moisturizing your body as well as your face is such a necessary process. This does not mean slap some lotion on your calves and call it a day. Working with natural ingredients in this process is great for your skin because it is basically eating what you put on it. A favorite natural and easily accessible moisturizer for your body is coconut oil. Take a small bit and rub it between your hands you will find that a little does go a long way. If you want to take this step further there are great body serums to use, taking care of your body is just like taking care of your face.