Kim Kardashian Shows Off Pictures from Lavish 40th Birthday Party Mid Pandemic

This year has forced everyone to tone down their lifestyles. Many of us have had to cancel trips and parties with our friends and family members to avoid breaking COVID-19 safety guidelines. Almost no one in the United States can travel outside of our borders, as other countries have closed them to us, do to our case numbers. Kim Kardashian, however, seems unfazed and unbothered by the rules of COVID, as she demonstrates how the elite don’t play by the same rules we do.

On Tuesday, in a tone-deaf tweet, Kim shared pictures from her lavish 40th birthday party on a private island with followers. If she thought people were going to be happy for her, she was dead wrong. As people across the country continue to put their health at risk, lose jobs, pay COVID-related hospital bills, and watch their loved ones fall ill, no one wants to hear about the Kardashian’s private island getaway. The line that seemed to bother people most was, “I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time.” About 99% of the country can’t afford to pretend COVID isn’t a reality. The negative impacts of the virus have been insurmountable. Her family has achieved a new level of oblivious during this pandemic.

Kim’s tweet and pictures reminded twitter of Klohe and Kourtney’s previous Instagram post at the beginning of the virus when Americans were struggling to buy toilet paper. Klohe TP-ed each Kourtney’s house with large amounts of toilet paper. The quantity used looked as if it was enough to restock an entire grocery store. The internet was furious over their lack of sensitivity to what the rest of the world was going through.

The Kardashians are also heavily criticized this year for Kim’s husband, Kanye West. Kanye West, an avid Trump supporter, announced late into the election that he was running for president. He has held a few rallies in which he has discussed his wild plans for the future of America. People believe his extreme and odd speeches reveal Kanye as mentally ill. However, he continued to run and is now urging people to write in his name on the ballots. The Kardashians remained silent on the subject, which angered the many begging people not to vote for Kanye and take this election seriously. Americans interpreted their silence as complacency in yet another situation that leaves many suffering as they prosper. 

The Kardashians have always publicly showcased their wealth. Whether it be through their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or their social media posts, they like to remind everyone of their monetary value. In the past, their gloating merely caused people to roll their eyes. However, the pandemic has amplified people’s reactions. Americans who are struggling through the year are irate over the Kardashian’s inability to empathize. Using their money has never been the issue though; it’s the way they can’t seem to stop showing it off.  

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