Colin Jost & Scarlett Johansson Finally Tie the Knot

Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson are officially married. Last weekend the couple reportedly had a small and intimate ceremony, where the two finally tied the knot. The couple announced their engagement in May of 2019, but fans had not heard of any official wedding plans until now. Meals on Wheels announced the event in an Instagram post. The couple wanted to use the news of their marriage as a way to raise money for the nationwide program. What many people don’t realize about the couple is that their relationship started long before the rumors of their romance began.

The newlyweds took their sweet time getting to where they are now. According to Jost, their story is traced back to 2006. Scarlett was 20 and hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time, and Jost was starting on as a writer for the show. It would have been a meet-cute had Scarlett noticed him in return. Scarlett claims her first memory with Colin was four years later in 2010 when she returned to SNL to host again. However, at the time, Scarlett was going through marriage problems with Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds. The two divorced later that year.

Scarlett went on to marry French journalist Romain Dauriac. However, it seems their relationship was not meant to be, as she filed for divorce in March 2017. The filing occurred a few days before Scarlett was to host SNL for the fifth time. Colin was single at the time, his last reported relationship being with Rashida Jones in 2013. However, Scarlett recalls she was not ready to date so soon after her divorce.

Three months later, in May of 2017, sources say Scarlett and Colin were caught kissing at an SNL after-party. She had made a guest appearance as Ivanka Trump for the show. Their relationship was new, laid back, and non-exclusive at the time. It wouldn’t be until July that Colin brought Scarlett to meet his family at a fourth of July celebration. It was then that the status of their relationship was more serious.

Jost and Johansson’s relationship continued to flourish since that summer. They made several red carpet appearances together. Jost has accompanied Scarlett to various Avengers related events, including her most recent premiere for the hit movie, Avengers: Endgame. The two started publicly discussing their relationship in interviews. Colin talked about it during his interview with Ellen Degeneres, and Scarlett poked fun at her fiance in her most recent appearance on SNL. 

The couple tries to keep their life private for the most part. Scarlett is still not on social media, and Jost is a periodic poster who uses his accounts to promote his works. However, we are happy to hear the news of their marriage and wish them the best.

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