A Family Trio On The Voice Scores A Four Chair Turn

A family that sings together can potentially end up on The Voice unless that is what the mother and two daughter trio of ‘Worth the Wait’ did. The trio consists of Mia, 15, Jaycee, 13, and Mama T, 47, auditioned for the coaches of “The Voice” in an episode that aired on Monday, November 2nd.

The trio immediately grabs the coaches attention when they harmonized during their singing of Linda Ronstadt’s “When Will I Be Loved.” Here is on how quickly the coaches decided that they wanted the family from Alabama to be on their team.

Turning Chairs https://youtu.be/dRbu_Maro9UGwen Stefani, one of the coaches, turned her chair around because she said ‘it was like magic’ and was shocked to see who was singing. As the clip continues, Stefani tried to get the trio on her team by relating to family and saying that she was on the country charts a joke. We have to give it to Stefani for adding country songs to her list of accomplishments. Kelly Clarkson gives a short and simple speech about the trio’s performance. As she said, ‘there were parts not in sync, but if you choose me as your coach, I will push you like a choir director”. Clarkson had the confidence for this trio to be on the team but and hopefully, it will work. Blake Shelton comes along and applauded for their singing and joked around with them saying, ‘I can hear it in your accent that you want to do country’. And continues to say, “You need someone to let your harmonies soar and I will be honored to do that as your coach’. Alright, Blake Shelton, you gave us a good bargain. John Legend remained humble and stated, ‘I am not a country expert…but I do have experience working with my family”. So, did it help John Legend to take the high road and turn his negative into a positive for the trio? 

The Lucky Coach https://twitter.com/blakeshelton/status/1323447303198416903

Blake Shelton took to Twitter that ‘Worth the Wait’ made his team full. The banter and wit between the other three coaches gave Shelton a hard case to sell with the trio, but once a king always a king, especially since Shelton, is the country king. So, will ‘Worth the Wait’ be all harmonies and they can become the trio country queens or will this victory be short-lived? Personally, it is to soon to tell what will happen. But one thing is for sure that they definitely got fans attention on their blind audition and fans are eagered to see what they have in store next. Congratulations to all the participants who made it into the blind auditions on the show. Whose team will lose its first member on the first battle competition of this season? The show airs on every Monday and Tuesdays at 8 PM E.T.