5 Most Fashionable Ways Of Wearing Your Favourite Winter Scarf

As we are approaching the end of the year and the colder months, it is time to incorporate scarves and other warm items into our wardrobe. Wearing a scarf will not only keep you warm but it can also spice up your winter outfits. But, if you think that your cozy winter scarf is here only to keep you warm, you will be excited to learn that there are many many ways to actually wear a scarf. From just throwing it over yourself, to wrapping yourself in it, a scarf can be worn in various ways. So, check out our top 5 choices of how the winter scarf can be worn.

1. Wear It Like A Drape

When it is not too cold outside and you still want to add something to your outfit, then wearing a scarf like this is a nice touch. Just put it around your neck and let it hang like drapes. This way you have something extra going on in terms of your styling but also, the scarf to give you extra warmth in case it gets cold.

2. Wrap It Around Your Neck

Surely one of the most popular ways of wearing the scarf is to wrap it around your neck like in the picture above. This way, the scarf will keep you warm, especially your neck, and is a nice addition to your outfit. If you feel like you need more warmth, just wrap the scarf twice.

3. For A Dramaticx Look Toss It Back

If you feel a bit artistic and want your scarf to show that then wear it wrapped around your neck with half of it hanging in the front and the other half in the back. This way you will give your neck-space more coverage and your outfit a dramatic touch.

4. Keep Yourself Warm And Pull The Scarf Through

One of the best ways to use a scarf for warmth is to wear it like in the picture. This way you are covering up your neck and the scarf will be set in place to keep you warm throughout the day. If you are more sensitive to cold weather then wearing your scarf like this is going to make your day. Wear it with a jacket or coat on top and you are good to go and enjoy the winter season.

5. The Elegant Shawl Wrap

If you enjoy feeling like a lady at all times, wearing your scarf just around your arms is a way to pull it off. Wear a coat to be warm and then add your winter scarf on top like a shawl. Wearing your scarf like this is going to make you look very refined and like a true lady through the wintertime.