TikTok’s Famous Lululemon Legging Dupe: Is It Worth The Buy?

Lululemon is a very popular athletic wear store that is known for their amazingly soft, comfortable and versatile leggings. However, these leggings are extremely expensive coming in at $98. There are a ton of dupes online that is being raved about all over social media but the reviews on the items themselves are mixed. Some say these are worth the buy and others claim they aren’t. This one, in particular, is all over tik tok as the dupe to lululemon leggings and they are actually affordable.

Are They Worth It?

The fast answer is YES, YES, YES. Buy these as fast as possible and for everyone you know. They are amazingly soft which makes them perfect for any event. They are more than half the price selling at around $24.99 which is such a good deal. They also sustain through washes really well, and do not pill as fast and lululemon’s are known for doing. The question here though is are they a dupe? No, sadly they are not exactly the same as lululemon leggings and the worst part is they come in limited colors and sizes. But do not let that fear you just because they are not a dupe does not mean they aren’t worth the purchase. In some ways, they are better than the real thing because they are softer and way cheaper. The one plus is they do sell shorts that are just as comfy and they are only $13.99.

The shorts are super easy to work out in, soft and cosy if you are just lounging around. And the greatest part is the sizing is true to size. The length is a whole different story, short girls will have to still fold the bottoms because a 3/4 length is not available but they will for sure fit you with room.