4 Ways to Distract Yourself from the Slow Incoming 2020 Election Poll Results

November 3rd marked the end of the most critical presidential election to date in the United States. As polling facilities began to close, ballot numbers started rolling in, with Florida kicking us off. America being a focal point for the rest of the world’s well-being, have countries and leaders all over awaiting the results. Anxiety has eaten away at many of us who were both dreading and eager for this year’s election. We are currently experiencing the most difficult phase of the election process, waiting for the results. Several states have informed the public that it could take days to count all the ballots. This timely procedure is not atypical for elections; unfortunately, this assurance has done very little to the calm nerves. Meanwhile, experts have weighed in with some advice on how to stay calm and distract ourselves from polling results.

Limit News Consumption

Primary care physician Dr. Linda Anegawa has advised poll followers to limit their screentime with the news. “There is a fine line between being an informed citizen and making yourself crazy with all the headlines and social media conversations,” she states. The rate at which information is changing is slow right now; listening to the same messages will only leave you emotionally drained. Take a break from your news source for a while. You are doing yourself a favor.

Distract Yourself

Find a new way to fill your time other than checking on the election results. Meteorologists have predicted that the weather is supposed to warm up over the next few days. Take this time to get outside, go for a walk or bike ride. If you are tired from the night before, use the opportunity to catch up on a television show you have been putting off. Start looking up Thanksgiving Day recipes. If November is like every other month this year, the holiday will be here before you know it.

Mental Health Check with Friends and Family

Call or text a friend or family member to make sure they’re doing okay. There is a more than likely chance they are feeling the same stress you are. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but it is a good reason to catch up with someone and talk about topics other than the election once you know they are okay.

Know You Did Your Part and Send Good Vibes Only

You voted. You did your part in all this. Take comfort in that. It’s okay to feel good about the action you took, knowing that regardless of the results, you contributed. It doesn’t mean you will stop worrying, but you can take pride in yourself. And as you periodically check the polls and wait for the results, send good vibes out only. Your mood could be what comforts others, whether you realize it or not. Find a way to balance your thoughts. It’s not always easy, but right now, worrying won’t do you any good.

The days leading up to the final election have been nothing short of chaotic. Americans have every right to be worried, as the results will have astronomically affects. However, as of right now, there is nothing we can do to speed up the counting process. So take a deep breath and hang in there.