Daphne Guinness 2023: Who is Guinness Dating Now?

The British socialite Daphne Guinness has made herself known recently with her whimsical and playful TikTok (@daphneguinness). Here we get a glimpse into her life as a fashion designer, heiress, fashion icon, and woman that acts as the muse for designers; not the least of which were Alexander Mcqueen and Tom Ford. Guinness is a public fashion figure who has maintained her relevancy through unmistakable style and a willingness to take risks. A fact made evident by the fact that she is the inspiration for the flamboyantly fashionable character Moira Rose in the television hit Shitt’s Creek. Yet, beyond the glamorous lifestyle, Guinness also boasts to a truly interesting love-life. Let’s take a look.

Patrick Reynolds (1986)

Guinness started off her first public relationship with American Actor and tobacco heir Patrick Reynolds in 1986 at the age of 18. There isn’t much public information available about the couple and the relationship was rather short-lived at only a year’s duration. Patrick is most notable for founding the non-government organization Tobaccofree Earth.

Spyros Niarchos (1987-1999)

After ending the relationship with Reynolds, 19-year-old Guinness met Spyros Niarchos. Niarchos and Guinness met while on a skiing holiday and after a whirlwind romance, quickly married in 1987. The hastiness of the wedding was a bit of a scandal, especially when combined with the fact that the socialite almost completely disappeared from the public eye. The couple had three children and eventually separated in 1999.

Tom Hollander (2000-2004)

Guinness began dating again in April of 2000 when she got together with Actor, Tom Hollander. Hollander is a well-known actor known for his works in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Pride & Prejudice, Hanna, In the Loop and The King’s Man. He has also had many successful roles in theatre, having played at the Apollo Theatre in London and on Broadway. He was also nominated for an Oliver Award for Best Actor and a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play. Guinness’ and Hollander’s relationship was highly publicized but ultimately ended in 2004 for unknown reasons.

Bernard Henri Lévy (2008- Present)

The next and final relationship Guinness is known to be a part of is with Bernard Henri Lévy. Lévy is a French Philosopher who has been said to be one of the most prominent intellectuals in France. His political activism and opinions have also led to much controversy over the years. Starting in 2008 Guinness and Lévy, who was and still is married to French Actress Arielle Dombasle, began their affair. Cloaked in scandal, their first appearance together has led to controversy as the two have continued their affair on and off for over a decade. Guinness has claimed Lévy to be the love of her life despite him staying with his 3rd wife Dombasle the entirety of their relationship. Their relationship is rumoured to be off an on since then.