Top 5 Outfit Ideas For The Holiday Season

With the winter holidays approaching it is time to think about all of the glitters and sparkle that this season brings. Even though slightly different, this festive season is still a reason to dress up. Now we might not be enjoying lavish parties like before but, that is no reason not to dress up. So, have a look into your closet and bring everything metallic, glittery, and festive looking out. Because it is time to get inspired and start planning your winter holiday outfits. After all, what are Christmas and New Year without some bling? Keep on reading and check out our selection of top holiday outfit ideas that will make you glam up.

1. The Red Dress

Red Dress


A red dress for the holidays is a perfect choice. Not only is it a great fit for Christmas but also for New Years’s Eve, as red is believed to bring luck. So, in the spirit of the holiday season choose something red and enjoy the winter season like a queen.

2. The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress


A classic piece that you can wear all year round and is always appropriate for all kinds of parties and celebrations is the little black dress. For the sparkly winter holidays wear your LBD with some statement jewelry and a bold red lip. By choosing an LBD you cannot go wrong and it can be styled in various ways as well as reused again and again.

3. All Sparkle, All Sequins

Sequin Outfit


There is no other holiday season like the winter one when we get to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For these celebrations, it is worth going all in and to bring the glitz and glamour to another level. So, if you love that glam vibe then go for a sequin gown. Not only is going to make you feel super glammed up but you will feel like a million bucks.

4. The All Green Outfit

The Green Dress


Just like red, green is a color we cannot imagine the holidays without. So, it is no wonder that an all-green ensemble can be quite fashionable and festive for that time. If you love green then go for a green velvet or silk gown, glam it up with some golden accessories, and perhaps some red details.

5. The “Ugly” Christmas Jumper

The Christmas Jumper


What kind of winter holidays can go without the “ugly” Christmas jumper? This is a piece that you can wear only for the winter holidays. So, if you feel extra festive choose a Christmas jumper and wear it proudly.


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