Eva Longoria Gives Apology For Her MSNBC Interview Comment About Black Women

Actress and activist Eva Longoria, last week, addressed on MSNBC the voter turnout for women in the Latina community and the impact they had on the presidential election. Longoria’s answer to the question earned her backlash, as it included discrediting the votes of Black women in America. She told MSNBC host Ari Melber that “women of color showed up in big ways. Of course, you saw in Georgia what Black women have done, but Latina women were the real heroines here.” Longoria’s answer outraged many, as she joined the long line of people who can’t seem to allow Black women to shine in America.

The two words that stuck out to people upset by her comment were “real heroines.” Black women had a national impact on the election this year. Polls report because of Black women Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia all flipped blue in favor of Biden. These states hold big electoral college numbers and are crucial in presidential elections. Longoria turned this national discussion into an unnecessary competition between the Black and Latina communities in America. Not to mention, polls have consistently proved Longoria’s statement incorrect. Only 8% of Black women voted for Trump, which is lower than the 28% of Latina women who voted for him. The attempt at comparing the two communities was a failure that forced an apology from Longoria.

Sunday night, the actress posted a public apology to her social media. She states, “When I said that Latinas were heroines in this election, I simply meant that they turned out in greater numbers and voted more progressively than LATINO MEN. My wording was not clear and I deeply regret that. There is such a history in our community of anti-Blackness in our community and I would never want to contribute to that.”

People are still upset with Longoria, despite her apology. They understand her pride in the Latina community, but why she felt the need to turn it into a competition is unclear. Many pointed out that Longoria was quick to follow a pattern that shows the minute Black women receive praise, it is given to someone else. They compared the actress to celebrity, Gina Rodriguez, who has a long history of contributing to anti-Blackness in America and among marginalized women.

Actress Kerry Washington defended Longoria in a Tweet, stating, “I know Eva like a sister. We have been in many trenches together. She is a fighter for all women.” Despite Washington’s words of praise towards her friend, people are not ready to let the comment go. Black women have spent far too long going unnoticed for their important and impactful place in American society, and Longoria’s comment hurt. Black women have made it clear she is going to have to do more than Tweet to earn their forgiveness and prove she did mean the comments made.

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