7 Must Have Items For Your Holiday Wish List

Sometimes it’s hard to find things you want during the holiday season. You are not sure what to tell your parents, boyfriend or friends the things that you hope to get during gift exchanges. It’s not always fun to ask for things you need but sometimes it is a good choice economically. Even if you don’t need anything you feel guilty asking for what you want. These are seven items that you should put on your list.

Fire Stick

This fire stick is currently on sale but even without the sale it’s not a very expensive ask so no need to feel guilty there. It is the perfect streaming device especially if you have an amazon prime account. But if you don’t have a prime account that’s no problem you will still see possible renting options for movies and shows. The design of the firestick makes all streaming options very accessible plus the addition of Alexa in the remote.

Nintendo Switch Lite & Regular Switch

If you are into gaming this is a perfect thing to ask for. It’s a great portable gaming system and will bring you back to the old days of playing on your DS. The lite is a lot less money but if your looking for even more features then opt for the regular switch.

New Apple Watch

The new apple watch has a ton of cool new features. This is a great present if you like to workout, it has greating tracking abilities. Plus it’s very convienent for people who are always on the go, quickly reply to texts and emails and even answer phones calls.

Security Camera System

These cameras are super easy to use and great for if you live alone. Easily check the cameras, record footage or take pictures anytime you want from your phone or another device. If you don’t need both for security we recommend using the second one to keep an eye on your pets.

Smart Garden

If you are into gardening this is perfect for you, if you aren’t this is still perfect for you. This small indoor garden grows your plants for you. Perfect for herbs, lettuce and small veggies.

Face Steamer

The perfect addition to the skin care routine. Helps unclog and open up pores and is very rejuvenating.