Ariana Grande Promotes Her R.E.M. Perfume Through An Animated Film

Ariana Grande is an American actor, singer, and entrepreneur. Besides her dreamy voice, she is known for her creativity as her music videos are always out of the box, which has created her huge fan base. Yesterday, on November 12th, the Thankyou Next singer shared a small teaser of her mini animated film promoting her R.E.M. perfume, with her 206 million followers on her Instagram. The video features animated Ariana and her piggy floating in the space as they hear the news that her loyal and faithful dog Toulouse has gone missing. The full animated R.E.M Fragrance Commercial was also posted on November 12 on her YouTube channel, which you can see below:

In the video, we see that both of them go to another planet in search of her dog Toulouse, where they use their lavender magic crystals to fight the evil robot monster who captured Toulouse. Throughout the video, her R.E.M song from her album Sweetener was not played in the background but towards the end of the short film, Ariana sang her song’s lyrics, “You’re such a dream to me” to her dog Toulouse. Even the R.E.M perfume is not featured in the video until animated Ariana defeats the evil robot monster. The lavender magic crystals connect and become the R.E.M perfume in the end.

This is an interesting way to advertise a perfume as if we were to see this story as a non-aminated video, it would seem absurd. But presenting this story in an animated video commercial gives it the feel of a classic comic story in which the female superhero fights evil and saves an innocent life! Ariana has also featured her animated avatar before in the perfume box earlier this year. When asked about it, Grande revealed, “I always wanted to spend more time as this character/in this world … so maybe that’s just what I’ll do. So much to look forward to.”

You can now shop for your R.E.M at Ulta Beauty. The perfume features notes of quince, fig, salted caramel, marshmallow, lavender blossom, white musk, and sandalwood. This dreamy, floral, cosmic, and intoxicating blend is made to compliment your femininity and power.