Cheetos First Cookbook Is Announced

Having a bag of Cheetos is now a key ingredient in the recent announcement of Chester Cheetah new holiday cookbook. The cookbook announced on November 12, Thursday morning brought some holiday cheer.

The Cheetos guy named his cookbook, BON-APPE-CHEETOS: A Holiday Cookbook by Chester & Friends. Which includes 22 recipes from some chefs that have a high profile in the kitchen.

According to delish, the cookbook was not only suppose to bring smiles to our face it was also for a good cause. So, you can’t get at stores like Walmart or Target, but purchase the cookbook at and donate a minimum of $35.00 to World Central Kitchen. All donations will go to their #ChefsofAmerica COVID relief fund and you will receive a cookbook by donating. Therefore, it is a win win for everyone involved.

Now, what are some recipes that are going to be in this cookbook?

Let’s Get Cheesy

Yes, we’ve already been introduced to the cheetos mac n cheese that comes with so many cheeto flavoring, but this time it will be extra cheesy and extra good. A bowl of cheesy goodness with a side of cheetos just sums up my college diet.

Balling Around

Imagine cheetos all over this and as your dipping partner. Talk about a double win!


I can hear the crunchiness of the cheetos into the savory and buttery mash potatoes for this delicious. Defintely can see this on the kids menu for the upcoming holiday dinners.

But if you’re not into the whole adding cheetos to your favorite comfort foods then I have even more news for you.

According to sources at Comicbook PepsiCo Foods launched a new website called, MoreSmilesWithEveryBite, that recipes from the whole company franchise.

That’s right even Mountain Dew, The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes, has a cookbook out with creations by fans that posted on social media.

So, why is this cookbook just now being a thing? Well Frito-Lay marketing chief Rachel Ferdinando said, “For years the Cheetos brands’ passionate fanbase has inspired us with their creative use of Cheetos as a cheesy, crunchy or spicy recipe ingredient, so we’re thrilled to return the favor with these exclusive holiday recipes”.

And she also said, “Broader than Cheetos, we’re seeing incredible trends of at-home mealtime occasions on the rise, so we created a PepsiCo Foods recipe hub that can serve as a one-stop shop for recipes ranging from Cheetos ‘Mashed Paw-Tatoes’ to Quaker Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Cookies. It’s sure to bring a smile to snack fans’ faces this holiday season.”

Honestly, this quarantine has made me very creative in my own pantry with Pespi’s items. Some of those creations came out to be master pieces while others came out to be not so great.

Either way, we cannot blame PepsiCo Foods for bringing us huge smiles and having the proceeds be donated to #ChefsofAmerica Covid Relief Fund.  This is some much needed holiday cheer and who knows maybe someone needs a hand in the kitchen.


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