Friday the 13th Happening Again 2020: Why Is It Unlucky?

The year 2020 has brought us all so much of negative vibes it is insane, but to top it all off we have had two Friday the 13th. One today and the last one was in March 2020. If you’re a person who is looking on the brighter side of things then maybe you’re referring today as one step closer to 2021, but if you’re a superstitious person then you know now it is not the time to play around.

Now, let’s talk about how did society end up saying that Fridays that land on the number 13 become so unlucky.

Well according to The Spokesman-Review, it is actually called “Friggatriskaidekaphobia”, the fear of Friday the 13th. Now “Frigg” came from the Germanic goddess of Friday and then added the two Ancient Greek words “treiskaídeka” for 13 and “phóbos” for fear.

Now, we know where it came but there are so many legends about why Friday the 13th is not the best of days.

The Knights Templer

The legend said that the Knights Templer is a powerful religious order that served as early bankers for powerful people, who were arrested on Friday 13, 1307. These arrests were done by the order of French King Phillip IV on Knights Templar’s cash instead of paying back the money he borrowed. So, Phillip decides to accuse the Templars of heresy which to some members being arrested and possibly tortured. Those arrests became the link between evil and Friday the 13th.

And according to the Templar Legend, Grand Master Jacques de Molay was executed on Friday the 13th. De Molay cursed the king and Pope Clement V at the time of his death, Over the years and long after the king and the pope passes away the evil became more apparent on this day.

Whether these are true or not is up to find out but there are other legends on why Friday the 13th is unlucky.

13 Fear

According to theories of the Code of Hammurabi, which is one of the earliest legal documents, omitted the 13th law on the document. Even though it can be seen a simple mistake, superstitions have grown to show that the number 13 is very unlucky.

Christian Belief

According to Fox News, the fear of 13 started in the Bible during the Last Supper because 13 guests attended. Well if you add Jesus plus the 12 disciples then yes you’ll have the number 13. And if you don’t remember then this is where Judas betrayed Jesus and the following day, known as ‘Good Friday’,  is also Jesus’ crucifixion day that is suspected to be on Friday the 13th during that time period.

There are many other superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th like skipping the number 13. People change their normal routines to avoid any bad luck that could come their way or if they have 13 guests attending they’ll add a teddy bear to make it 14.

On the first Friday the 13th, the U.S. declared a national emergency concerning Covid-19.  Whether you believe in the superstition or not, it won’t be the topic of discussion until August 13, 2021.