5 Things I Look Forward to After the Pandemic (2020)

This year, the pandemic put a wide range of limitations on what we are and are not allowed to do. It has also strained the list of activities we could do but shouldn’t for the sake of keeping ourselves and others healthy. As we go through the third and worst spike of the pandemic so far, we can expect to go back into another quarantine lockdown. The signs are all there for it to happen, and the rising number of cases and deaths almost makes it inevitable. If you are paying close enough attention, you realize several states are already in the beginning stages of mandated lockdowns.

To describe what many are feeling as we approach the upcoming “dark winter” and a second government-issued quarantine, it’s sadness. It’s this feeling as if nothing is moving forward. I feel it every time I turn on the news. Adults tell us throughout our entire youth years that the world is our oyster if we dream and work hard enough, but that is not the case. Everything has become stagnant. That is why I have to create mental lists of things I am going to do when the world goes back to normal. Events and activities to look forward to during these hard times. Things I put off but won’t wait a moment longer to enjoy when the time comes. Activities that used to be so mundane before this all started, but now I realize I took them for granted.

Visit My Friends

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I can not in good conscience travel across the country to visit the people I miss most. The idea of bringing the virus into their home or back into mine is something that would cause me the utmost guilt. So, for now, I stay where I am. As soon as this is over, I have promised myself that I will do whatever necessary to visit them. That is my number one driver.

Go To A Bar

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I am not the get wasted and shut down the bar kind of person. Never have been. But I do miss the atmosphere. I know bars in my area are open, but once again, I can not in good conscience risk others or my family’s health during a deadly pandemic. So when the time does come that bars are deemed safe, I look forward to ordering myself a drink and sitting down with a friend. It is such a mundane thing to do, but I miss it.

Celebrate All Life’s Big Moments

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Before the pandemic, I was saving up for a graduation/birthday party with my friends. I was looking forward to celebrating a milestone accomplishment with the people I love most. However, all plans had to be canceled, understandably. I think I took for granted all of life’s celebratory moments, and I want that to change when this is all over.

Go to the Movies

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Before the pandemic, I went to the movies about once a year. I can honestly say, for as much as I didn’t go, I miss it. Going to the movie theater was an experience. Sneaking in food, finding the right seats, getting there in time for the previews, I miss it. I’m not saying I’ll turn into a movie theater fanatic when restrictions lift, but I will take the time to enjoy it more.

Coffee Shops

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Currently, I do all my work and writing from home. As someone with two blogging and a screenwriting internship, this is the worst. I used to love going to a coffee shop to do all my writing. And when I hit a mental block, I would switch to a different coffee shop down the street and keep writing. Of course, I’m adapting, and every so often, I find myself at a local cafe. But now we are conscious that maybe our favorite place to work only does carry out, or their hours are much more limited, or that it has completely closed. When the country does open back up again, I will look forward to moving from cafe to cafe carefree.

For many of us, life as we know it has come to a halt. Honestly, I thought this whole thing would be over, or almost over by now. Never did I initially imagine that the worst part is yet to come, and the light at the end of the tunnel is still not visible. So, for now, I make mental lists of all the things I am going to do when this is over.

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