SNL Recreates Kamala Harris White Suit

Maya Rudolph wore an almost exact replica of Kamala Harris white Carolina Herrera pantsuit layered over a cream pussy-bow blouse on the episode of Saturday Night Live that aired on November 7, 2020.

The SNL only had an hour to prepare for the scene where Rudolph portrays Harris in addressing the American as being the first African American and American Indian to be Vice President-Elect of the United States of America.

Talk about intensity, especially when dress rehearsal started around the same time when Kamala Harris addressed the American people in Wilingminton, Delaware, according to sources at Pop Sugar.

So, how did they accomplished the Harris look? Well, lucky for us the producer, Costume Designer Tom Broecker, Wardrobe Supervisor Dale Richards and the entire costume department all worked together to make it happen.

Broecker and Richards started by doing research of Harris’ outfit and confirmed that there is a historic meaning behind the wardrobe. CNN Style sources say that the outfit is a “gesture of solidarity with the long line of women who have defied expectations in American politics”.

Harris wanted to keep the tradition of all the women wearing white that made historical moments in political history, debating back to 1968.

But all shops are closed and have been for hours due to Covid and the team only had time to shop out of their backroom closets of items to find the perfect match.

In an exclusive interview with Pop Sugar, Broecker took us to step by step on what happened on Saturday.

So, what did they found? Well, let’s talk about it.

The costume department found a cream charmeuse fabric to make the blouse and a cream double-breasted suit. And yes, the crew recut and redesign this double suit to a single in under 85 minutes. And with five minutes to spare one of the crew members ran towards Rudolph who forgot to add the American Flag Pin to the outfit.

Now to all my fashion babes out there, we have to applaud the SNL costume crew being dedicated to being accurate and dedicated to pulling this off.

To complete the outfit to be on stage for the cold open skit the crew decided on Rudolph to wear nude Jimmy Choo pumps.

Don’t Give A Funt

Just with much poise and grace as Harris addressed us earlier on Saturday night, Rudolph gave us the same energy. Well maybe not exactly the same but we got to admit she mimics Harris well in a more comedic way.

Anyways, Broecker confirms that he does not have contact with anyone from Harris’ design team to know ahead of time what Harris was going to wear that night.

From the intense minutes ticking from the digital clocks to Rudolph trying on the costume and performing, we can all agree that it was a crazy but successful run of the opener.

Very thankful that Broecker shared these moments with us and I just got a whole new level of respect and appreciation to everyone who helps make SNL possible.

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