5 New Holiday Movies You Must Watch This Year (2020)

The time has come to retire our summer and fall weather clothing and exchange it for winter attire. The days are becoming colder, and snow is starting to dust the ground. Thanksgiving will come and go within a week, and before we know it, Christmas will be upon us. In typical Christmas fashion, the entertainment industry is bombarding us with all sorts of new holiday movies. Everywhere we look, there is a new one. It can start to get tough sorting out the films worth watching versus the ones you will be turning off before the first half is over. Here are some of the best movies I have watched or want to watch this year that will keep you entertained and put you in the holiday spirit.

Operation Christmas Drop (2020)


Ignore the Rotten Tomatoes score; this movie is the perfect combination of corny and cute. Starring everyone’s favorite Vampire Diaries witch, Kat Graham, we watch her character fall in love with a free-spirited kind-hearted soldier just trying to make the holidays better for everyone.

Holidate (2020)


Two perpetually single friends, being criticized for their lack of a love life, decide to act as each others’ holiday dates to get their family off their backs. This is your classic friends to lovers trope, and we can’t get enough, especially around Christmas time. Whether your single or happily dating, you will love this movie.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)


This movie is a rollercoaster of emotions. We watch as the greatest inventor of all time, Jeronicus Jangle, played by Forest Whitaker, battles with his past and his previous apprentice who stole his inventions and put him out of business. After years of self-loathing and going no contact with his only daughter, will he be able to fix his mistakes and get his toy company back?

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two (2020)


This movie has yet to come out, but I can’t help be excited, as the first movie was a hit. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, once again, prove to be the perfect couple off and on the screen. Russell’s Santa Clause needs assistance in successfully completing a Christmas mission. Will he be successful and bring all the feels and laughs the previous move did? We will see!

Happiest Season (2020)


I need this. Lesbians everywhere need this movie. Kristin Stewart and Mackenzie Davis play a newly engaged couple, going to visit Davis’ family for the holidays. Unfortunately, her family is lead to believe Stewart’s character is an orphan friend and not her future bride. Will she come out to her family, or will this secret cause the couple to break up? I’m very excited to watch and find out. 

The Christmas season brings too many movies to count. I can never keep up, or decide what to watch. Here are some suggestions to make your holiday movie picking experience easier.