7 Ways How To Style A Tweed Jacket

The tweed jacket, a piece we ofter times associate with the luxurious French fashion house, Chanel, definitely is one of the most elegant pieces a girl can own in her closet. Not only is this piece great for special occasions but also for everyday city strolls. If you want to look more put together and elegant this piece is what you need to add to your outfit. From school and work to a night out and special occasions, having a tweed jacket is going to elevate your outfits and make dressing for high-end places a no-brainer. So, check out our list of suggestions on how you can style that fabulous tweed jacket.

1. That Tweed Skirt Set

Tweed Skirt Set


There is nothing as posh and elegant as a tweed skirt set. So, pairing that tweed jacket with a matching skirt is a no-brainer especially if you want to look like a Chanel model or a sophisticated Parisien. So, if you still have not gotten your tweed jacket or a matching skirt, choose some that go together and you will have the perfect outfit ready at all times.

2. Jeans And A Tweed Jacket

Tweed and Jeans outfit


A nice way to dress your favorite pair of jeans up is by combining them with a tweed jacket.  This way you will look on point for an affluent city stroll and ready to run into anyone important. In case you are spending more of your time at school or work then this combination is a great choice as it combines that street vibe with some posh flavor.

3. A Set With Elegant Tweed Shorts

Tweed Shorts Set


Very similar to the skirt set and yet with a twist is the tweed shorts set. A very elegant way to wear tweed, but with a boyish element. Through winter you can add some tights and high boots to this combination and you are ready to rule the affluent circles. But in case you want to dress this combo down, wear it with a t-shirt and a pair of “ugly” sneakers, just to give it a bit more of that street style vibe.

4. Leather Bottoms And A Tweed Jacket

Tweed jacket and leather trousers


Leather and tweed could not be more different, and yet these opposites kind of work together. So, if you’re a fan of leather pants or skirts try them with a tweed jacket. Trust us, this just might become one of your favorite combos.

5. Effortlessly With A White T-Shirt

Tweed jacket and white t-shirt


Wear one iconic and timeless piece with another and you got yourself something elegant and something relaxed that kind of works together. If you love your T-shirt but also love to incorporate some tweed into your outfits, then this combination is something you should definitely try. Give your favorite relaxed look an elegant touch and you might fall in love with this outfit.

6. A Sporty-Elegant Look To Pull Off

Sporty Outfit With Tweed Jacket


This is something only fashionistas would dare to pull off. Level your sportswear up with that tweed jacket, add some bling and you are ready to conquer the streets. If you love to stand out and to wear bold fashion choices that wear that jacket with a pair of leggings, a t-shirt, or any kind of sportswear.

7. That Tweed Piece Over A Dress

Tweed jacket over dress


If you love wearing girly dresses but need something over it now through the colder months then a tweed jacket is the right choice. Give that feminine and elegant dress some Parisien flavor and you will look like a movie star. For a dress, a longer tweed jacket can be even better as it will elongate you but if you prefer shorter ones that still is going to work out.

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