3 Ways To Have A More Sustainable Holiday Season

No matter what holiday it is there is bound to be extra food, extra garbage and extra unnecessary waste. Between wrapping paper, paper plates, disposable drinkware and cutlery and cooking more than your guests can eat we all contribute to this waste. Some find it hard to get around these issues, others have many ways they help make the holidays less wasteful. But if you have no clue how to make the holidays a less wasteful and more eco-friendly experience then read these three ways you can cut the waste and even save money.

Wrap Gifts Using Newspaper Or Magazines

So many of us get magazines in the mail or newspapers. A lot of times these magazines are holiday deals or gift ideas and we tend to just throw them away which is a huge waste of paper. Instead, wrap your presents in these. You can easily remove staples for longer sheets or just tear for shorter ones. Tape a few together if the present is really big. This will not only cut your cost on wrapping paper but it will change that single-use paper into something that is used again.

Provide Your Guests With taking Home Containers

If you are having guests over and usually have a ton of leftovers go to the dollar store and grab some reusable to-go containers. Not only is this a practical gift that they can use and use again but you can have them pack up some leftovers in their new containers and allow them to take home dessert or even dinner. This cuts the food waste, especially if you are known for not being able to finish your leftovers.

Holiday Lights Are Nice But Not Necessary When You’re Not Home

A lot of people put up dozens of holiday lights inside and outside. This is fun, festive and a cute way to decorate but it uses a lot of electricity. When your not home during the day, keep those lights off and unplugged to help cut back.