3 Ways To Turn The Holidays From Lonely To Packed With Family This Holiday Season

As the year goes on and the chaos continues we are all making the hard decisions to keep the holidays socially distant. The last thing we all want is to not spend ample time with our friends and family, especially during the holiday season but in everyone’s best interest it would be best if we all stayed separate and stopped the spread. Here are some ways to turn make the holidays feel the same they always have but with a distance.

Online Games

A family gathering around a laptop.


This is one of the best ways a family can connect over facetime or zoom. There are many online games on the internet, or on your tv such as Roku or firestick’s that can help you connect with your family. If these are not as accessible to you then the great way to fix this is to play a game that you don’t need anything but the connection of your phone. For example, you can easily play Pictionary on facetime.

Mailed Presents

Hands opening a present.


Make sure to support the USPS and a great way to do this is to mail small gift boxes or presents to your family who lives far away. The gift exchange can even happen over facetime giving that same gathering feeling. If you don’t want to send individual gifts to each family member then send collective gift boxes or baskets filled with toys, fun games or food. Make sure to send these early though, so they make it on time.

Secret Santa or Secret Snowman

A guy shaking a present at the table with his friends.


Most do this one in person but this is a great way to connect with your family this holiday season and show them your appreciation. Just draw names and create lists, then deliver the packages or send them through the mail. A fun addition is to keep it anonymous and everyone has to guess who had them.

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