4 Tips to Make Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays Easier (2020)

Decorating my apartment was probably the best part of living separately from my parents in college during the holidays. For the first time, my roommates and I had a complete say over how we wanted to decorate for Christmas. We made a whole day out of it, and when we finished, it looked terrible. Parents make decorating look easy, and it is not. It took four years in that tiny apartment together to finally master our interior holiday decorating skills. Here are some tips for first-time college Christmas decorators.

Pre-decorated Christmas tree

I know this sounds like cheating, but I promise it will be much easier this way. If you have as many roommates as I did, then you know it can be impossible for everyone to agree on something. Our first tree looked like seven different people threw decorations on it without talking to one another. And that’s what happened. We went with the fake pre-decorated tree the year after, and it looked so much better.

Limit outdoor decorations

In my freshman year of college, we went crazy with outdoor decorations. Imagine how upset we were when they were all gone the next day. Someone had stolen them! I’m not saying you can’t do anything outside, but I’d stick to just a few lights and a wreath.

Stick to cheap or handmade decorations

You will find that in an apartment with roommates, it becomes easy for things to get destroyed. I suggest if you are going to decorate, stick with decor that isn’t costing you too much money. You won’t be devastated if it breaks or goes missing, and you are avoiding a big argument about money.

Have a few drinks

The best way to enjoy decorating is with your favorite drink in your hand. I love a good hot toddy. It eases that perfectionist side of you and puts you in the Christmas spirit, especially if you have Christmas music or movies playing in the background. It made it impossible to not fall in love with the Christmas atmosphere you were creating with friends.

Christmas is always important to enjoy, especially this year. We may not be seeing all the friends and family we usually do. Have yourself some fun before the school year ends and get into the Christmas spirit with your friends.