5 Creative and Savory Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers (2020)

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Most of us already have or are close to finishing our shopping, making sure all our favorite dishes and desserts make it onto our dinner plate. However, in my opinion, as good as dinner will be, Thanksgiving food is not at its best until the day after. There is something about turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, etc., sitting in the fridge overnight, marinating, that makes it so much better than the day before. Here are some easy and creative ways people have utilized their Thanksgiving leftovers.

Spiced Sweet Potatoe-and-Peanut Puree

Sweet potatoes should never go to waste. What better way to enjoy them than in the form of soup? It’s as simple as putting your potatoes in a blender with peanut butter, vegetable stock, and a few spices of your choice. It will keep in your fridge longer and make for an easy meal in the future.

Crustless Ham-and-Leek Quiche

Many people will enjoy ham on the morning of Thanksgiving or even add it to their menu for dinner. Assuming there will be leftovers, why not make a ham and leek quiche as a savory morning dish. The recipe is easy, and the ingredients are accessible. This cheesy treat is one that the whole family will enjoy after the fall holiday.

Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

Most people have turkey leftovers for days! You are all turkey-ed out by the time you finally finish it. So why not get creative about it? Turkey and Wild Rice Soup is the perfect fall weather dish that will help you quickly finish off your leftovers. This thick creamy soup only takes an hour to make and will be worth it.

Turkey, Brie, Bacon, and Cranberry Sandwich

Post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches are the best and yet another way to use your leftovers. Using your choice of bread, some turkey, cranberry sauce, bacon, and brie (optional), you have created the perfect turkey sandwich.

Turkey Sloppy Joes

Give your sloppy joes with a healthy twist. Use any of your favorite sloppy joes recipes and substitute the beef out for turkey. Turkey joes are the perfect way to shake up your turkey consumption. You’ll barely notice you’ve been eating the same thing for days. 

Thanksgiving day is great, but the food is better on the days that follow. Shake up the way you enjoy holiday leftovers this year with these great recipes. It will make your job of getting rid of it much tastier.