7 Statement Coats To Fall In Love With This Winter (2020/2021)

As the winter season is approaching and the weather becoming colder and colder, we are slowly stepping into our warm clothes. And it is not easy to look fashionable and to be warm at the same time. However, winter has its charm and perks for example. layering, boots, hats, and gloves, and not to forget winter coats. Namely, a winter coat can be a great statement through the colder months. So, think out about it because having at least one statement coat in a vibrant color or a crazy print might just make your winter more glamorous and spicy. From the red, green, blue, and purple one to coats in zebra or leopard print, a statement piece like this will help you stand out and feel like a fashion icon. So, check out our top choices below.

1. Red Coat

If your personal style is more classical then a red coat could be a good option for you. After all, red is a very timeless color that never goes out of style. Also, if you love being in the center of attention and want to bring some extra feminine energy out then a red coat is a top choice for you.

2. Blue Coat

Royal blue, a color that is very safe and yet will have you stick out. If you want to look and feel like royalty opt for a coat in royal blue. This kind of coat will make your winter special and will have you look like a true fashion queen.

3. Yellow Coat

If you love bright colors and are the optimist or excentric among your friends and family then a yellow winter coat might be a great choice for you. Because yellow is a color that instantly lifts up one’s mood and spreads positivity like the sun through summer. So, if you have a sunny personality there is not better way to show that than with a bright yellow coat.

4. Pink Coat

If your style is more on the girly side then getting a pink winter coat is a must for you. Moreover, if you prefer a more feminine and classic style then a light pink coat is the right choice for you. But, if you are truly looking for a statement and want a bit of punk then a “pink” pink is the way to go.

5. Green Coat

If you want a statement coat that is not too classical and not too much of a statement then a darker green coat can be a great choice. But, if you want to stick out from the crowd then choose bright or neon green coasts. Also, if you are stuck between green and blue then a teal coat is the best of both colors while being in a classical and statement color too.

6. Leopard Print Coat


If you are one of the brave fashionistas that love crazy combinations and bold choices, a leopard print coat will interest you. There could not be a better statement coat than this one, not only is it going to spice up your wardrobe, this kind of coat will bring out the jungle vibe in you. Plus, it can be styled in numerous ways so if you ever change your style in a completely different direction this coat will stay with you as one of your favorite items.

7. Tartan Coat

A tartan coat is a statement with a vintage vibe to it. In addition to still being classical, a tartan coat will spice up your outfit. So, for winter choose tartan in vibrant colors, experiment, and make your outfits extra fashionable with this statement print and coat.