4 Easy & Flexible Jobs to Have as You Build Your Resume (2020)

The job market has plummeted this year. Finding something that is entry-level, pays, and is in your job field is becoming nearly impossible without three to five years of previous experience. Young men and women coming straight out of college have never had a more challenging time starting their desired career path. Students still in school are no longer able to find paid internships, making it harder to juggle their education and finances. Building your resume and keeping up with rent, taxes, insurance, etc., has never been so difficult. However, there is a small list of jobs that have been on the rise since the pandemic. Jobs with flexible schedules that pay and allow you to juggle non-paid or underpaid internships.


As the daughter of a teacher, I can tell you right now that schools and parents are looking for tutors. Students are beginning to fall behind in the classroom due to unstable schedules, despite teachers’ best efforts. You do not have to be pursuing a career in education to become a tutor. You only have to prove you are knowledgeable in certain subjects.

Content Writing

So many businesses that sell around the house appliances are looking for content writers to advertise and talk up their products. They require about three blog posts per week and pay well. You don’t have to be an amazing published writer to get a job in content writing. As long as you are creative and remember your high school grammar rules, the job will be yours.

Contact Tracing Rep

This job skyrocketed during the pandemic. Essentially, the CDC pays you to call people who have come in contact with others who have tested positive for the virus. You give them the bad news that they now have to quarantine for two weeks and ask a few basic questions about symptoms. No one wants this job, but it does pay.

Food Delivery

UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, you name it, they are desperately hiring. Restaurants are starting to shut down indoor dining again, and delivery is picking up. Depending on where you live, they are also lending a hand in grocery delivery. These middle man delivery services let you make a schedule that suits you best and earn some cash on the side.

No one wants these jobs forever if they aren’t going to lead you to your desired career. But they are opportunities that have flexible schedules, can be done from home, pay, and leave you with the time to pursue internships that do not pay. They are easy enough to seek out on job sites as well. And when you do get that job you want so badly, you’ll have the cash to move to that brand new apartment in a brand new city and make it happen.