How The Global Fund (RED) Is Impacting 180 Million Lives?

Most people think that (RED) is just a color, but actually, it is also the name of a Global Fund, a charitable nonprofit organization that collaborates with our favorite brands like Apple, Nike, American Express (UK), Apple Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, Starbucks, Converse, Electronic Arts, Primark, Gap, Armani, Hallmark (US), Beats Electronics, Balenciaga, etc., and releases (Product) RED for these brands to raise money for aiding people suffering from AIDS and COVID-19 all over the world.

The Global Fund is known for donating 100% of its money generated from selling its (RED) products to finance HIV/AIDS programs and now also extending it to treat COVID-19 victims. The contribution to this RED campaign is used to help people affected by HIV in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia. Over a decade this RED campaign has raised about $650 million, so definitely this is making a huge difference!

“Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live”, says Bono Shriver the co-founder of (RED). 38 million people worldwide are living with HIV, 26 million people living with HIV in just the sub-Saharan Africa region, and 400 babies born each day with HIV. Over the years (RED) has impacted 180 million lives by supporting them with the Global Fund grants, serving in 8 countries by giving 100% of the money raised by its partner companies to fight two pandemics: HIV/AIDS and COVID-19. You have a choice to chose what cause you want to donate your money to.