7 Stylish Ways To Wear A Hoodie

With fashion trends becoming more comfortable and sporty one of our favorite pieces, we secretly love wearing all the time, came into the spotlight. What piece might that be? If you guessed the T-shirt, then you might be close. The answer is the Hoodie, that is what every fashionable girl nowadays wears and the item that every fashionista has in her closet. And if not, there must be one in your boyfriend’s closet that you just love to borrow. In addition to being comfy, the hoodie is actually a very cool piece of clothing, one that can be dressed up and down, and one that can be used to dress more formal combinations down and make them look more fashion runway. So, check it out because we prepared a list of the ways that you can wear your favorite hoodie and look like a fashion expert.

1. Hoodie & The Blazer

Hoodie With A Blazer Outfit


If you want to dress up your jeans and hoodie outfit just add a blazer to it and it will instantly look more formal. This kind of outfit combines the sporty vine of the hoodie with the professional one of the blazer. So, might think this does not go together but try it yourself and get stunned.

2. A Sporty Suit Look

Suit With Hoodie


A great way to make the boring old suit look more fresh and young is by wearing your hoodies with it instead of a buttondown. Put a pair of your sneakers on, some sunglasses, and maybe a hat and you are good to go. If you are a fashion it-girl this outfit is on your to-do list.

3. A Sporty Co-ord

Red Sporty Co-ord


There is no easier way to pair your favorite hoodie than with a pair of matching sweatpants. Get yourself a set and you can wear these items separately or together. Add a jacket on top and a pair of sneakers and do your errands in the greatest comfort while looking on-trend.

4. Punk It Up With A Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket And A Hoodie


Another great item that works with the hoodie is the leather jacket. For a more punk look wear your hoodie with a pair of jeans and boots, and then bring the look together with your favorite leather jacket. This outfit great for a casual day, date or just hanging out with friends.

5. A Hoodie & A Skirt

Hoodie & Skirt Outfit


For a touch of femininity pair your favorite hoodie with a skirt. This is a hip and young-looking combination. So, if you love wearing skirts but also hoodies try them together.

6. High Waisted Pants With A Hoodie

Haigh-Waisted Pants With A Hoodie


Another great way to wear your favorite hoodie is with a pair of high-waisted jeans. The high-waisted jeans will accentuate your curves and give the look a feminine touch. As the hoodie keeps its cool and sporty vibe through the overall look.

7. The Cycling Shorts Combo

Cycling Shorts With Hoodie


In recent years cycling shorts just as the hoodie have become favorites to many fashion influencers. So, wearing these items together has never been trendier. If you want to feel sporty and love casual clothes as well as looking on-trend this is the outfit you should go for.

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