3 Indoor Workouts That Will Help You Stay Active This Winter

Quarantine has stopped us from going to the gym and using all the amazing equipment that makes it so much easier to work out. Now we are left to the outdoors, which include runs, bikes, and long walks, but with the dropping temperatures, setting sun at 4 pm, and the change in weather patterns, it is slowly becoming harder and harder to find time to workout outdoors. With these three workouts, you are guaranteed to have an easy time working out and staying active through the winter months.

Ab Toning Circuits

A woman doing a sit up.


This is the perfect workout to tone your abs and make them more defined. This requires no equipment and can easily be changed for someone who needs less or even more of a workout.

Do this circuit four times:

– 20 sit-ups
– 30-second v sit
– 20 leg lifts
– 20 reverse crunches

Cardio Packed Circuits

A woman running in place.


If you need a quick bit of cardio but aren’t a fan of going for a run or walk, here is a circuit you can do.

Do this circuit five times:

– 30 seconds of jump rope
– 30 seconds jumping jacks
– 30 seconds running in place
– 30 seconds squat jumps

Tone Up All Muscles

A woman doing a squat.


Looking for a workout that tones up all muscles and defines your body? This is the perfect circuit for anyone that needs to touch up all areas.

Do this circuit five times:

– 20 v sits
– 20 squats
– 20 bicep curls (weight choice is up to you)
– 30-second wall sit
– 30-second plank

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