How Online Games Continue to Evolve

Online games in Canada, and mobile gaming in particular of late, have become a hugely important industry with forward-thinking developers earning huge sums of money from their innovative games.

With that, the technology they produce is remodelling the way players enjoy online gambling. Over the past few years, many of those who had regularly visited land-based casinos have started to play online instead.

One of our experts on this subject is Kevin Cochran, and you can read more from him here. In the meantime, we look a little deeper into how online gaming is evolving.

The Evolution of Online Gaming

The future of gaming is important to many of us as its constant improvement is what keeps us interested. We are all forever looking at ways to improve our lives, something the guys at College And Candy know all about, but how does the future of gaming technology fit into all of that?

Mobile Apps are Driving the Industry Forward

Gaming trends are never static, and as the online betting world continues to move on at pace it is the technology which is now driving it. The game industry in the next 10 years is almost certain to be borderline reliant on mobile technology as more and more people bet on the move.

Online casinos now look to offer bigger bonuses for those joining via mobile, while the advent of 5G in Canada will also have a huge impact as we move into 2021.

For example, the number of those looking to play blackjack online or other table games in Canada and beyond increased dramatically this year, boosted of course by the COVID lockdowns.

Betting online was once seen as somehow “fixed”. People didn’t want to bet against a computer for fear of it never letting them win.

The more customers understand about random number generators however and the more they read about huge progressive jackpot wins, the more they come to understand it. And it’s on mobile devices that they are now partaking in their hobby which makes it the future of gambling.

New Products Are Being Introduced

Gambling trends change every few years anyway, with soccer betting now hugely popular compared with ten years ago and those betting the horses reducing in numbers. With online gaming, the trends are even more stark as new games reach the marketplace every month.

The huge competition that exists between the many high-profile developers based around the world drives prices down and quality up, giving us all a much better experience.

Brand-new casino games and slots come with innovative technology, they tell a story and they can even be in 3D with these inventions simply revolutionizing the whole sector.

The Industry is Much Safer

Another trust issue that players had with the online gaming world some time back was the security of their money, and of their private information. Those days are gone.

The fact that more and more people are signing up for an online casino or sportsbook account is because security has been tightened, anti-fraud procedures are in place in Canada and other territories and players no longer have to worry.

The introduction of SSL technology has helped hugely and not only does it exist, but players can even check the SSL license of a casino and even check that they are licensed by the authorities to trade, so there can be no demons in the closet.

While some industries are still being targeted by scammers looking to grab credit card details and personal information that they can sell on, the gaming and gambling sectors have done better than most in the past year to keep their customer information safe.


Gambling by its very nature is fast-moving. Whatever we see as a growing trend now will be different in a year’s time. Online games are truly changing shape though and long may that be the case.