Top Trending Apps for Creatives

Until only a few years ago, the only thing creatives had to keep them going was a muse and lots of caffeine. Fortunately, unless someone has spent a lot of time under a rock, they would know that smartphones and tablets have led the way in changing many things people do and how they do them. This is most notable in the use of apps and the ease with which things can get done. And, when it comes to creative, there is no shortage of apps to help.

From art to xylophones, there’s an app for nearly any creative use. Anyone who wants a sample should go to Vampr. In the meantime, here’s a collection of some popular apps for creatives.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

For anyone who needs to create vector images, Adobe Illustrator Draw is old news. Fortunately, Adobe has continued to work on their product to the point that there’s nothing else on the market that equals it, even since it was first introduced in 2016. Anyone familiar with its desktop sibling will be acquainted with the app, so it’s a pleasure to use either version.


Autodesk has been around for a long time and certainly has a reputation for making some great products, so when it introduced Sketchbook, the app’s quality was no surprise. There is very little in the way of freehand drawing that Sketchbook can’t handle, making it a must-have for anyone charged with that type of work. Sketchbook is, quite simply, the best drawing program to be found anywhere.


Creatives don’t just apply their craft at a drawing table. Some practice their art in a recording studio. For that reason, there’s Vampr, an app that serves as a platform for musicians to find each other. Need a good bass player or drummer? Just use Vampr to find your next Brian May or Mick Fleetwood.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Remember what great fun fixing pictures was with Photoshop? That’s small-time now when compared with Adobe Photoshop Mix, which not only allows you to work on your smartphone or tablet but, with it, you can also cut out and combine elements of images to add to still other photos. You can also adjust your creations on your device.

Infinite Design

Are you looking for a vector graphics program that lives up to its name? That could be just the thing in Infinite Design, which is what practically any graphics person needs to get the job done. There probably isn’t a graphics function that can be performed on a program that isn’t included in Infinite Design, right along with shortcuts to do it with.


When Canva was introduced in 2012, users almost immediately knew they had something very special to use, and they were right. What’s great about this Android version is that the makers took a huge step forward when they went back to the drawing board with it and came up with something unique. The Android version is a nearly picture-perfect version of the original.

Adobe Comp CC

If a job includes wireframes and mockups, Adobe Comp CC might be considered the master. At least everyone who tries it finds it to be the best at what it does. Adobe Comp CC makes mockups that are just about as good as the final product.

Just as is the case with so many other technology tools, this year’s apps not only promise a lot, but they deliver as well. Be ready to take your creativity to a whole new level.

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