Gifts You Should NEVER Buy For Any Female In Your Life

The holiday season is upon us. And that means it’s almost time for gift-giving, which means, right now is time for gift-planning and shopping.

If you have to buy a gift for a woman in your life, this is a very difficult task. Because there are many gifts that you should never give a woman.

Here are the gifts you should never buy for any woman in your life. No matter who they are, how long you’ve known them, etc.

Unless they specifically ask for these gifts, do not buy them.


I think this musical ‘SNL’ sketch says it best when it comes to giving candles as gifts. It comes off as a lazy, last-minute gift. Also, it gives away that you might not know a whole lot about this person.

Anything Involving Exercise or the Gym

Remember that Peleton ad from last year? Yeah, it lies. If you give someone exercise equipment, or a gym membership, or a session with a personal trainer, it’s a bit of a bad look. Even if this woman in your life is passionate about working out, that doesn’t means they’ll be happy with these type of gifts. When you give someone a gift like this, there’s no way they won’t think that you think they’re fat, or need to lose weight. Body image is a big deal for women, so don’t give them anything that could make them negatively view their bodies.


Lotions aren’t a bad gift so to say, however, they shouldn’t be the only gift you give someone. They’re good as a side gift. If you can’t think of anything else, you should give them a large pack of lotions, or a skincare package. Don’t just get a container or two of lotions and call it a day.

Picture Frames

Unless the frame has an actual picture in it, don’t give frames this holiday season. Not everyone has a spare photo that they need framing, and that will actually fit the frame someone gives them. And if they do, that doesn’t mean they have room to put the framed picture. So it’s best to avoid this, unless of course, this woman asks for a frame.