A Guide To Hosting The Perfect Holiday Party

Whether you have the family over for Christmas, friends over for a holiday party, or neighbors over for Hannukah hosting a holiday party can be a daunting thing. From picking the perfect appetizers to decorations to planning things to do, hosting can easily become a stressful ride. This guide is super simple to follow, will help you plan the perfect gathering, and make you want to host every year.

Plan A Menu

A pen and paper with vegetables surrounding it.


If you aren’t the best at cooking and find it easier to get takeout, then that’s perfectly fine. But even if you order out, you must plan the menu. When planning a menu, you must keep dietary restrictions in mind, you are having guests, and you will easily encounter someone vegetarian, gluten-free, or allergic to nuts. Some perfect take-out options are sushi trays; they feed plenty, have a wide range of options on them, and easy to serve. Be careful in case someone is allergic to sesame seeds because they are often found in this. Another perfect option is Italian food. Italian restaurants have plenty of catering options making it a bit more wallet-friendly because you get enough food for everyone without buying individual meals. You can easily grab gluten-free pasta in case someone cannot have gluten. Overall when planning a menu, make sure to have protein, carb, and vegetable. By covering these, you will guarantee everyone can at least have something to eat. Make sure to plan some appetizers; this will help cover all the dietary restrictions. It is easiest to make a meat, cheese, and vegetable platter, but there are also fun options in the frozen section for appetizers.


Holiday lights with a reindeer.


Make sure to make the party feel festive. Decorate with snowflakes, snowmen, or some more holiday-specific decorations. If you live in a colder climate, make sure to have tons of blankets available in the cozy seating area so people can cozy up. Included in the decorations can be festive plates, cups, and silverware.

Plan Activities

People playing a board game.


Planning a bunch of activities will help you fill the night with fun games or movies. The usual board games, card games, and video games are perfect for laying out suggestions, but a few other great games are white elephant and secret snowman. For the white elephant, everyone brings a gift, and each person gets a number. In order, the people pick a gift or steal a gift from someone else. Secret snowman is pretty simple; pick names out of a hat before the day, and everyone gets that person a present. Then you have to guess who had you. Picking out some festive movies are also a great option.

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