Top 7 Winter Nail Art Ideas For The Winter Holidays (2020)

With the winter holidays on our doorsteps, the most magical and sparkly season has officially begun. This year might be different from our usual Christmas and New Year’s party season but that does not mean it cannot be just as sparkly. So, in addition to sequin dresses, Christmas decorations, and sparkly lights it is our nail art that can shine. From the classical red nails to gold ones, sequins, and true works of art there are many designs we can rock this Christmas. And the best of all we can as well do it all by ourselves. A little bit of nail polish, creativity, and patience go surprisingly far. So, get inspired by our top choices and create your very own nail art this holiday season.

1. Classical Red Nails

Classical Red Nails


Red is a color we just love to wear through the winter holiday season. Simple, elegant, and always on-trend for Christmas. If you don’t love to experiment too much with your style and don’t love nails that might be a bit too much, then going for a pair of simple red nails is the perfect choice for you.

2. Sparkly Nails

Sparkly Silver Nails


Well, it’s the festive season after all. So, sparkly nails are more than appropriate. At what other time of the year are sparkles more popular than for the holiday season. Embrace this as the festivities’ norm and rock your sparkly nails all holiday season long.

3. The metallic Look

Silver Metallic Nails


If you feel like sparkles might be a bit too much for you but, you would like something more special then a metallic nail look might just be for you. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the top choices. One is for sure no matter what you go for, these nails will add something extra to your holiday looks.

4. Red french with snowy details

Red French Manicure With Snowy Details


Not the french manicure you can see every day and yet very elegant as well. The red tip on top of the brighter part is both elegant and unexpected for such a manicure. While for the winter look white dots, stains, and details on top of the nude part just give these nails a snowy touch.

5. Sequins On The Nails

Nails with sequins


If you don’t like sparkly nail polish nor a metallic one maybe some sequin ornaments might win you ower. A little detail on just one nail or even multiple ones will have your nails ready for the festivities. Now is the time to try and experiment because for the holidays there cannot be sequins enough.

6. Drawings On The Nails

Drawings on Nails


Some opt for a drawing on just one nail, others want something drawn on each one, it’s all up to your own preference. But, now through the winter holiday season, there are tons of icons that can be drawn on to your nails. From snowflakes and deers to Santa himself, a little winter detail for your winter manicure cannot hurt.

7. Christmas Colors And Ornaments

Christmas themed nails


If you’re crazy about the holidays then a manicure in the style of your Christmas decorations will blow you away. As tradition wants it, red and green are one of the most popular choices so, if you want that festive vibe on your fingers opt for such nail art. Red and green nails with Christmas themed ornaments are the top choices for every holiday fanatic.

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