8 Indoor Recreational Activities That You Can Safely Enjoy

The Coronavirus pandemic still wages on people’s minds all across the world. Millions are getting sick; luckily, a vaccine is coming out very soon. In the meantime, winter temperatures are approaching in the Northern Hemisphere. It will be too cold for people to be outside, creating concern about finding safe and enjoyable indoor activities.

Most of the endeavors on this list allow for social distancing and minimal contact. You can visit these places with family, friends, a significant other, or by yourself. Remember that depending on where you live, some of these recreational activities are shutdown. Nevertheless, wear a mask and be mindful and courteous of others.


Aquariums are a great way to teach children about marine life and can be an unconventional place to hang out with friends. Some people find aquariums relaxing, while others appreciate learning. Whenever you visit an aquarium, you will see something you didn’t notice last time. Read the plaques and don’t worry about memorizing the information. Just don’t touch the glass.


Going to the mall is not a unique spot to hang out, but it is popular. In 2020, people are hesitant about malls due to the influx of crowds, so not everyone is invested in this idea. If you do not want to go to a bustling mall, visit a store, thrift shop, boutique, or local market. There are many types of stores: retail, department, clothing, grocery, home furnishing, art, furniture, and antique.

Movie Theater

In New York, movie theaters have recently reopened. In other states, they have been running for months. Unlike other recreational activities, movie theaters rely on one another for business—if not enough locations are open, there are no films to watch. For those who can go to the movie theater, you can purchase seats away from others, and pulling down your mask to snack is optional.

Nail Salon

Nail salons have upped their game so they can stay in business. They have added glass partitions and require employees and customers to wear masks and face shields. Some nail technicians wear gloves. It might not be the best place for those who don’t feel comfortable with others touching their hands and feet. High-risk individuals should find an alternative.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a superb place for alone time and tranquility. You can do paperwork, computer work, read, or sit and relax. If you decide to take a break from your phone, watch people go about their day. You could gain a new appreciation for life. Avoid ordering anything to eat or drink if you don’t feel secure removing your mask.


Both aquariums and museums are great activities for those seeking knowledge. Yet museums are filled with information on history, science, sports, music, art, and world events that a classroom can’t offer. They contain paintings, artifacts, memorabilia, documents, and structures. Museums are large enough to social distance, and most of them are less crowded than they were last year.

Miniature Golf

Indoor mini-golf requires minimal contact with people and equipment. Not to mention, it is fun and effortless. You can check the best golf training aids to improve the tempo and speed of your swing. Many places clean the clubs and balls after every use, but you can bring baby wipes and hand sanitizer for a second dose. These recreational locations also glow-in-the-dark!

Roller Skating/Ice Skating

Roller skating and ice skating rinks are probably not making ends meet, so it would be great to support your local businesses. Some of them even allow you to bring your own shoes. You can also wear gloves if you are someone who relies on the handrails.