Top 5 Fashion Hacks That Will Level Up Your Appearance

Looking your best can sometimes be a challenge as there are many factors that can turn your super stylist outfit into a total disaster. From wrinkly clothing to clothes that are too big or too small it is the details that can make or break your outfit. However, going from shabby to polished has never been easier with these hacks. We made a list of some of the most useful fashion hack that will turn the shabbiest person into a fashion icon within seconds. So, have a look and become a fashion hacks pro in no time.

1. Get Rid Of The Wrinkly Clothes With A Hair Dryer

Wearing wrinkly shirts is a common mistake many people do without realizing how that downgrades their overall appearance. So, in order to look more put together, it is important to steam, iron, or straighten your shirts in any possible way. If you don’t have a steamer or iron at hand then use your hairdryer. Put the shirt on a hanger and straighten it out with the hot hair dryer air.

2. Keep Your Sleeves Up With A Simple Hair Tie

If you keep up with trends then you have surely seen your favorite influencers wearing a blazer, jacket, or shirt with sleeves perfectly pulled up that just seem not to fall down. Well, one of the ways to pull that of it to put a hair tie around your wrist or arm and fixate that sleeve. A simple hair tie will keep your shirt or blazer sleeve from falling down and give it a nice texture.

3. No More Makeup Stains On Your Clothing

You are surely familiar with the situation when you have done your makeup, started dressing up and while putting your shirt, jumper, blouse, or top on your makeup has left a stain on your favorite top item. Well, one great way to avoid makeup stains while dressing is to put a silky scarf over your face and head. This way your hair and makeup will stay intact and your clothing saved from getting some makeup on.

4. From Too Big To A Perfect Fit In Seconds

If you have recently lost some weight and still want to wear your favorite pair of jeans, there are still some ways to pull it off without getting a tailor. You could use a hair tie, tie it around the button and then through the belt loop and beck around the button to pull that extra fabric in. Another way is to get a ribbon, pull it through the loops of your jeans and tie it at the back. This way you can create the illusion of perfectly fitted jeans.

5. Tucking The Sweater  In

Wearing a tucked sweater is a very trendy way of wearing this piece. However, while actually tucking knitwear into your jeans a bulkiness around your tummy is created. So, a way to avoid that is to tie a belt around your waist and your sweater and then adjust the sweater so that it covers the belt and appears tucked in.