What Is A Weed Grinder Used For

Main Use – Grinding Dry Cannabis

Weed grinders, also known as herb grinders, are a classic accessory for anyone that consumes cannabis. While not a necessity, weed grinders provide someone with a range of tools and benefits that justifies their prices (and is precisely the reason so many people end up buying one). First and foremost, grinders can serve as an additional storing spot for cannabis flower. There is nothing better than having another safe place to store it. Moreover, a grinder’s main characteristic (and appeal) comes predominantly from its ability to process and grind weed much faster and more efficiently than using fingers. Not to mention, it is much more pleasant than using fingers to constantly have to break apart some fresh, sticky cannabis. 

Ultimately, personal preferences are going to dictate whether or not a grinder is best and, if so, which weed grinder to choose from. Given their usefulness there are many. As such, make sure to check out all the various sizes, shapes, and styles of herb grinders that would work best for you. In addition, pay attention to the fact that there are grinders with different numbers of components. That isn’t just for fun – the more components a grinder has the more sophisticated that it is. Therefore, pay attention to the additional amenities carefully and make sure it’s something useful or worth the extra price. 

Storing Dry Cannabis

As mentioned before, some weed grinders will come in different component sizes and one of those reasons is to store cannabis in between uses. This is an extraordinarily nice feature because it means that you can always have ground weed on-hand as long as you have your grinder. Not to mention, it is a safe and convenient place to store it. Keeping everything in one place can certainly reduce anxiety of it being left behind or forgotten or worse.

Moreover, in addition to storage, many of these grinders will also offer kief-catching capabilities which is a nice, potent way to maximize enjoyment from your grinder. Coupled with storage, a grinder can produce a large amount of kief as the stored cannabis is being sifted with each step. In the end, whether or not storage is in the cards for you is certainly going to be a personal preference. Not to mention, more components means bigger grinder. For some, the smaller sized herb grinders might prove more useful and compact and mobile.

Dry Herb Vaporizers & Smoking Pipes

Weed grinders are used most often with vaporizers or smoking pipes. The reasoning being that a dry herb vaporizer and pipe are both able to operate more effectively with an evenly distributed and processed dry herb than is typically necessary for other types of consuming herb. In a vaporizer, it is imperative that the herb burn evenly unless some of it burns and begin to make a mess inside the heating chamber (requiring more cleaning and maintenance). In a smoking pipe, chunks can get stuck and cause problems clearing the pipe with an uneven burn.

Most importantly, a weed grinder is able to better process denser, wetter nugs of cannabis than can be said of fingers (generally) or simply breaking them into smaller chunks. As mentioned before, they will cause problems when trying to vaporize or smoke and are otherwise just easier to place into a mechanical grinder and break down. Save on the need for extra lighter or battery power and simply chop that herb into more manageable pieces. Granted, this can be a matter of personal preference. Some insist on grinding the herb with their fingers and so a grinder is not as useful for them. Otherwise, a weed grinder is likely one of the most pragmatic accessory purchases someone could make besides buying additional pipes or vaporizers.