Chanel Métiers d’Art 2021 Collection: Must-See Details

Chanel’s new collection named Métiers d’Art is inspired by the women in the Renaissance-era and particularly the queen of France Catherine de’ Medici who was also a very famous Italian noblewoman which is why the collection was filmed at the Château de Chenonceau, i.e de’ Medici’s castle. Coco Chanel herself had a fascination with the women of the Renaissance as it is known that she had, “a strange feeling of sympathy and admiration towards the women who lived from François I to Louis XIII,” and she found “them all to be great, with a magnificent simplicity and a majesty imbued with onerous duties.” The most interesting thing here is that Chanel’s brand logo is also inspired by de’ Medici’s monogram with interlocking C’s which is seen all around the 16th-century French castle.

The collection was filmed inside at the Château de Chenonceau with a total of 300 Chanel crewmates and only one VIP guest who is Kristen Stewart – the brand ambassador of Chanel.  Have a look at the full collection below:

The collection is filmed like a modern-day Fairytale as all the collection pieces are absolutely gorgeous and elegantly displayed inside the castle. As we see here, most of the collection’s pieces are all black and there is a strong reason behind this. After the death of her king, the queen Catherine de’ Medici was seen wearing all black floral outfits only. But here black color symbolizes empowerment as it takes a lot to be able to manage an entire kingdom by oneself without any support from the king. Through this collection, Chanel is empowering women in today’s world to show them what they are capable of.

The collection features many modest offerings as most of the pieces are coordinated with a pair of pastel color tights which totally adds to the classy element of the look. Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show starts showing that Kristien Stewart is seated on a bench being the only live viewer of the collection as she sees models passing down the hall with the checkered patterned mini-skirts. We can totally see where the checkered theme came from as the castle also has black and white checkered flooring.

The key things we noticed here are Chanel’s signature bouclé jackets and skirt suitings. Moreover, we see that the most common accessories presented in the show are the iconic Chanel pearl strings and interlocking C’s necklaces, earrings, purses, and belts. Through this Renaissance-themed collection, the creative director of Chanel – Virginie Viard reinforces the idea that fashion can be fantasy and a type of escape for us in these hard times.




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